11 Tips for Deodorizing Carpets

Every house has its own issues and problems but not every household can maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of that house. Sometimes, we get to experience many of the bad odors from the house but there always a question, “Where the smell is coming from?” We might think it is because of the garbage bin placed in the lawn, the rotted plants in the balcony, mess created because of the kids or the pet urine, but we never reach out to an answer or the solution for this problem. Well this is a point to think about the origin of smell and its’ solution.

Observing every corner of the house, you might get to know that the bad odor was because of the carpet. Carpets can gather smell because of the high foot traffic in crowding areas. Carpets can also be smelly in spot because of the pet nap. Well, using harsh chemicals on the carpet can damage the carpet; they can lighten the color of the bristles of carpet and can burn the carpet as well.

It is important to clean the carpet as the odor can be unhygienic and can cause many of the health hazards. One of the major diseases that can be caused because of the untidy carpet is respiratory issues. It is important to live in a good environment to stay healthy.

To deodorize the carpet, it is necessary to look for the right steps and right things to be used on the carpet. Air fresheners and vacuum cleaner will only give a temporary solution to this smell but cleaning it thoroughly will be proved beneficial.

Here are some of the tips to clean the carpet or deodorize it:

1. Try to know the source of odor:

It is most likely the chance that the carpet has recently been stained by pet urine or any other kind of decayed matter such as vomit or wasted food. It is mandatory to know about the source of the odor. Some of the times, you might want to get rid of the pungent or bad smell created in the air by using aerosol sprays or room fresheners but soon or later, you’ll need a solution to treat the smell completely and permanently. You should first remove the stains or spots of the odor-causing material.

2. Growing fungus because of humidity:

There is a chance that the carpet has been spotted for a longer period of time but you didn’t bother it much. And now that water and excess humidity have given roots to the humus and fungus under your carpet or inside it. It can be the other way around that you didn’t let the carpet fully dry after washing it and the left water became a source for mildew. You should use a vapor steam cleaner to dry the carpet to stop the growth of fungus in the carpet and refrain from the smell. The vapor steamer is really effective; it helps the carpet to dry within 15 minutes.

3. Pet Urine as a cause of Smell:

As it has already been mentioned to take a notice of the place your pet is napping over. It has been keenly observed that the pet urine becomes crystals after a certain period of time and they are even harder to get removed than before. Initially, the pet urine can be removed by wiping off the liquid with a white clean cloth. But in case of crystallized urine, it is recommended to use a pet neutralizing cleaner that will act as an enzyme to the urine particles and help it get removed faster than before.

4. Homemade Neutralizers- Vinegar & Water:

Instead of using harsh chemicals over the carpets, homemade neutralizers and deodorizers can also be used that also result in effective cleanups. Vinegar is known for its neutralizing qualities over any untidy surface. There is a process of using vinegar over the carpet. Make a mixture of one part vinegar and five parts of cold water, pour it into different bowls and place the bowls at different places in the room. Placing the bowls under will help the smell to get off the living room. It is an overnight process.

5. Natural Deodorizers:

Having children in the house and unhygienic environments, bother moms the most and they start looking for the ways to clean it all up. Harsh chemicals are not only bad for the carpet but also for small kids. Harsh chemicals can infect the infants and kids playing around the carpet. It is recommended to use plant deodorizers or natural products that are free of chemicals and are not bad or hazardous for the kids.

6. Routine Clean Up:

It is important to look after the house cleanliness with your personal tidiness. It is recommended to clean the carpet regularly to avoid any inconvenience afterwards. If one cannot look after it regularly, it should be checked or cleaned up once or twice a year. But the carpet should be cleaned every day with a mop or vacuum cleaner and should be washed often. There are also sprays available in the market that helps in cleaning the carpet in a better manner, they can also be used.
For routine clean up processes, hot water extractor can be used, it forces hot water and cleaning solutions to clean the carpet, or vapor steam cleaning that will heat the water up to 250 to 280 degrees and help remove dirt and untidy particles.

7. Increase the Use of Ventilation:

Usually in weather of heavy rains and monsoon, the carpets can become damp and moist. For this purpose, the windows should be kept open for ventilation.

Secondly, when you wash the carpet off, choose the season when the carpet can be dried easily and in case, if it is still damp or moist, you can keep the windows open for ventilation. Otherwise, fungus will grow and the carpet will create smell around the corners and in the living room. Let the air blow in the room to dry the carpet to avoid the smell.

8. Ask the Professional Team to look after the Carpet:

In some countries, there are professional teams who make sure that the carpets will not create a smell and would not become a source of mess. Such professional teams have licensed products that are only available for them in the market. These sealed products and equipment deep clean the carpets and remove the source of odors from the carpet. The team has knowledge about carpets and their cleaning process. They know which cleaning method will be good for the type of carpet you have in your home. They will also tell about the precautionary measures to be taken.

9. Contact the Carpet Manufacturer:

Sometimes the carpet manufacturer should be contacted to know better about the carpet and measures to be taken for a hygienic environment. Some of the companies give warranty with the carpets that can be availed at any point in time. The manufacturer will be able to tell which cleaning methods to use to safely remove stains from your carpet. Designed carpets are more sensitive than others; they need to be kept more care about. Companies also provide sprays and polishes to be used over carpets for extensive care.

10. Don’t Smoke inside the House:

Firstly, it is not good to smoke inside the house because of the ethical issues. Secondly, it is not good to smoke because it can damage your carpets and other households. The flakes of the cigarette can damage the carpet and create odor in the house. Smoking will make it impossible to deodorize the room.

11. Replace Carpet or Remove it:

If the smell is unbearable, it is better to remove the carpet permanently or to get it replace. But firstly, try to remove the stains and the source of smell and then decide on whether to remove the carpet or to replace it to give a better look and atmosphere to the living room. Older carpets may contain more toxins that can be infectious for the health. After removing the carpet, opt for a wooden floor that will add beauty to the room and will keep you away from the maintenance of the carpet and its cleaning process.


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