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Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for a cause that you care about. But a successful fundraising event doesn’t necessarily have to raise a lot of money. It should also be an exciting event for the donors and volunteers while the cause, as well as the efforts of the managing team, should be highly appreciated by all visitors. However coming up with a creative idea that will motivate everyone to join and help is the most challenging part of a fundraiser. Many organizations gather a group of friends and volunteers to donate products for a profit while others donate themselves and make revenue out of their services. Often food drives are started where organizations collect canned goods and donate them to those living in poverty conditions. The lists of ideas are endless.

But, of course, the best idea is often found in having a lot of them. With that in mind, here is our selection of top 21 general fundraising ideas to help you plan your next event and make it a successful one!

Common Fundraising Ideas

1. Bake Sale: The most common fundraising event but the most effective also. Gather a few friends and volunteers who will get baked goods to sell. The bake sale can also be held at large events such as sporting events and dance.

2. Car Wash: Most people find car washing a pain. You can help them and earn cash by holding a car washing fundraiser. All you need is some soap, water, sponge, buckets, and a lot of enthusiasms. Just gather a few friends and wash the cars of your neighbors. You can also gather at high-traffic locations and wipe the exterior of cars for a donation.

3. Sell T-Shirts: You can tie-dye or design T-shirts that promote your cause and sell them for a profit to make money for your organization. Another way to motivate donors is to set up a “create your own t-shirt” stall where you provide the visitors with materials to design plain shirts for a fee.

4. Sell Handmade Accessories: Everyone likes handmade jewelry and other accessories. If you have a flair for design, you can create handmade items such as bracelets, earrings, headbands, necklaces, etc and sell them to make a profit for your cause or charity. Many people also sell pin-badges that can be created using a badge machine or redecorating readily available pins. The badges can be worn to raise awareness for your charity or a way to show allegiance with a certain group or organization.

5. Charity Head Shave: Of course, no one likes to lose their hair, but head shaves have been a popular way to raise money for many major causes such as cancer. The charity head shaves are pre-publicized by the candidates planning to sit in the barber’s chair. The candidates usually advertise their head shave charity by proclaiming that they will have their hair chopped off if they can raise a specific amount for their cause.

6. Yard Sale: We all have a bunch of stuff that we don’t use anymore or don’t have the need. Old clothes that no longer fit or toys that were once used by our kids. Go through your closet and attic. Have a yard or a garage sale with the stuff you no longer use. You can also gather friends and neighbors to join in the good cause and allow them to donate items too. But make sure that your visitors know that you are selling the goods and raising money for a good cause.

7. Organize a raffle: A raffle or a lucky draw is where people buy numbered tickets in exchange for chances of winning a price. One or several winners are drawn from a container holding the copies of the ticket. More people are attracted into buying raffle tickets when you have good prizes. You can ask a local business to donate products for gifts or ask family and friends to donate something. You can also keep a 50/50 raffle where you give half of the proceeds of the raffle tickets towards the prize and keep the other half for your charity.

8. Create a Recipe Book: Have friends and family members contribute their tried and tested recipes and compile them into a hardcopy format. The recipe books can be sold at local bookstores or even at traffic signals.

9. Housework Charity: many people don’t like cleaning – whether it’s their residence or commercial property and even office desk. The volunteers can offer to clean up the donor’s houses, offices, shops, and office space for a fixed amount. Many people also raise profit by doing simple tasks such as mowing the lawns, cutting trees, shoveling snow and even taking out the trash.

Fundraising Events

Special holidays give great opportunities for a great fundraising event. The calendar is full of days where you can hold your special fundraising event.

10. Christmas Fundraiser: For those who have access to Christmas greenery can sell mistletoes, holly, ivy, and even Christmas tree for a profit. A gift wrapping station at the shopping mall where you and your group of like-minded individuals can volunteer to pack the shoppers gift for which you can charge per item.

11. Charity dog show: Dogs are a great fundraising icon. You can hold a dog show in the neighborhood where friends and other pet-owners can bring in their pets and have them compete with each in a variety of classes which include the most handsome dog, best brace, best 6-leg (dog and the owner), and the dog whom the judge would most like to take home. But make sure your dog show is well-organized with plenty of volunteers and adequate water supply as well as poop area for the canines. Having a qualified judge can also add to the fun and make things more competitive.

12. Karaoke Night: Karaoke machines can be rented for a reasonable price. A karaoke fundraiser can be held by charging an entrance fee for all visitors. Those who are interested in performing for an audience can pay an extra fee and sign up to sing. The fun night is incomplete without refreshments. Sell coffee, juices, drinks, ice-creams or even complete meals alongside your karaoke night to make extra revenue.

13. Game night: Everyone can join in the game night by playing video games, card games, and board games. An entry fee can be charged for entering the game venue as well as for playing an individual game. You can also keep gifts for those who win the games and don’t forget to keep snacks to attract more visitors.

14. Dance-Offs: A dance-a-thon can challenge the participants to dance for as long as they possibly can. You can ask the donors to pledge money for every hour the participants dance. The last one on the dance floor wins the prize too.

15. Sports Tournament: Gather a group of friends and volunteers and hold a sporting match. Charge an entrance fee for spectators to view the tournament. The match can be of anything – basketball, softball, football, and even racing. You can also keep a costumed race where everyone dresses up in their favorite characters and race on roller-skates.

16. Woman’s night: The female volunteers can start a woman’s or a spa night and offer to do manis, pedis, massages, and facials to female donors to raise money for your cause.

17. Talent show: A talent show can be held where the visitors pay an entrance fee to watch you and your groups of volunteers perform their talent. You can also ask the participants to pay a fee to showcase their talents.
Unique fundraisers:

18. Chose the Punishment: Similar to dunk the teacher, you can ask donors to select a punishment for the leader of your organization. The tortures can be of any form – dye their hair, have them dance on the streets or even be their servant for several hours.

19. Egg Game: Go from door to door in your neighborhood and ask your neighbors how much they will pay to see you perform a crazy stunt with an egg – raw one. You can juggle, throw and catch or even crack it on your head. It’s all for a good cause!

20. Balloon Fest: The balloon fundraising event can be held inside a hallway or a gym. Keep many inflated balloons on the floor with a few containing a winning ticket which is placed inside prior to being blown. The contestants pop the balloons with their hands and whoever finds the winning tickets get a prize. You can charge an entrance fee to make a profit.

21. Rent-a-date: The volunteers can commit to going on a date with their donor. But keep restrictions on the dates such as no kissing, etc to prevent any problems later on.

Sometimes organizations don’t have much money to invest in large events such as carnivals. But the ideas mentioned above can help you get started without much expense. Although, there is no sure-fire way to guarantee that your fundraising idea would be successful. An idea can be perfect in one city and flop in the other. But the above-mentioned ideas can help you start in the right direction.

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Note- we are always looking for fresh fundraising ideas. So if you or your organizations have any unique and creative idea – do share with us!


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