7 Things To Keep In Mind When Mowing Grass

How would you know if your ways of taking care of your lawn are successful or if you need to rethink the way you have been treating your lawn? If your lawn is a pleasant sight with green and thick grass and looks healthy at a glance then you have been doing everything right. However, if your grass and plants look dry and not healthy you may need to revise your lawn mowing strategy and start looking for better ways of taking care of your lawn.

This article will solve all your grass mowing problems as it includes the 7 magical tips that will turn your lawn into a pleasant sight and look like it has been handled by a professional. But before we discuss the ways to improve your grass mowing habits, let us discuss the benefits and why is it important of taking a better care of your grass.

Why is it important to mow your lawn?

Most often than not, it is the wrong way mowing your grass that leads to lawn problems than anything else. By changing your lawn mowing strategy you can avoid a number of issues related to pests, weeds and various plant diseases. Since most varieties of grass grow from 4 inches to 24 inches tall, if you never mow your grass, instead of making your lawn look full and healthy it may have an opposite effect. Never mowing your grass can also lead to a growth of allergy causing flowers so it is advisable that you keep on mowing your lawn to avoid any health issues in addition to your lawn looking neglected and unhealthy. With regular mowing the brown and unhealthy looking tips of your grass will be taken care of and your lawn will appear fuller and healthy looking.

However it is also important to note that mowing grass more than necessary can also have damaging effects on your lawn. With unnecessary grass mowing the grass plant can get damaged and may become easier for pathogens to attack your grass. The idea is to mow regularly but avoid overdoing it.
Now that we have discussed the importance of well mowed grass when it comes to a healthy lawn, we will move on to discuss our seven magical tips with you which will help you work wonders in your lawn.

Changing your mowing strategy every so often

By strategy we mean the direction in which you mow your lawn; this will have a number of positive effects on your grass. For starters, by mowing the grass in a single direction ever time, you will notice that there are a number of ruts developing in your grass. The more you mow the grass in one direction, the more they will appear, decreasing the quality of your soil as well as damaging the grass. This can be avoided by changing the direction each time you mow your grass.

With continuous mowing in the same direction, the grass will also start to lean in the same direction which is not what you want to happen with your grass. By alternation the direction you mow in, your grass will grow in an upright manner and fill give fuller and healthier impression of your lawn.

Mow according to the height of your grass; not by the number of days

Instead of mowing your lawn grass on regular intervals, start mowing it according to the length of its leaves by keeping track of their measurement. Before you start mowing, measure the length of your grass and just trim enough to give it a healthy look. Since grass comes in a wide range of varieties, you need to find out the maximum length to which it grows and mow it accordingly. What you need to do is, allow your grass to grow to one-thirds more of its maximum height and once it attains that height chop of the additional grass and bring it to its original growth level. This is to be done in the season when the growth of your grass is quick; stop doing it once fall begins the growth of your grass slows down.
Same is the case with grass that has not been mowed for a long time. Simply trim the upper one-third of the grass instead of chopping of the entire length of the grass; leave the rest to grow and mow it the other time.

Stop mowing wet grass

There are a number of reasons for avoiding mowing a wet patch of grass. For starters the cut grass will be uneven in height; you may think that is a small issue, but it is not. If your entire lawn has uneven cut grass, it will not give a very neat impression of your lawn and it may end up looking unkempt. Another reason why you need to stop mowing wet grass is that, the chopped clippings of the mowed grass will stick to your mower and may spread all over the surface of your lawn. It may adversely effect the growth and health of your grass as its exposure sunlight will be affected.

Ensuring sharp blades of your mower

To have a well-maintained lawn, each cut of the grass has to be sharp without any rough edges. At the beginning of each season make sure that the blades of your mower are sharp so your grass is cut in an even fashion making it look crisp and proper. Blunt mower blades can end up tearing and damaging the grass. Ripped edges of your grass can make it easier to be the target of pests and other disease causing agents. Even cut grass will be difficult for pests and weeds to attack ensuring a healthy and strong growth of the grass.

Mow so there are no missed patches

To give out a neat, even and professionally maintained impression of your lawn, what you need to make sure is that no part of the lawn is missed out while using the lawn mower. What you need to is to get a balanced overlap and mow your lawn in a hurry. Overlap every pass by at least 3 inches or 7.5 cm, so there no missed out patches on your lawn, which otherwise may look uneven; which is not the ideal way mow your green patch. By overlapping each pass you will not have a single uneven patch on your lawn.

Mowing uneven areas of your lawn

Your may have an uneven areas due to a number of reasons; the tricky part is mowing the grass over these uneven patches. While mowing these rough patches, you need to be extra careful and raise the deck of your mower to avoid scalping these areas. Another alternative that you can use is to regrade the entire uneven patch so it comes to the same level as the rest of your lawn and mowing it becomes easier. If your lawn has a slight slope, mowing it in a usual fashion can damage your grass; instead you can mow it on the diagonal, so the process becomes safe and easy.

Easily mowing the sharp corners of your lawn

If your lawn has sharp corners, mowing then on each pass will make the process of mowing your grass longer and tiring. To quickly and easily get done with those tricky sharp corners, you need to leave them at every pass and only mow them once after you have finished mowing your entire lawn. This way you have to take care of them only once and not on every pass that you make around your lawn. Keeping the sharp corners for last will save you a lot of time and your stamina.

To have that lush green, even and healthy looking grass, it is important that you are aware of the type of grass that you have at hand so you can handle it accordingly. To ensure your lawn’s health it is also important that you keep the grass watered and well-fertilized throughout the year in addition to following the above mentioned techniques. Also keep in mind the season and the type of your grass; cool-seasoned grasses need to be mowed more regularly in fall and spring, while grasses of warmer seasons grow better and healthier if they are mowed more during the summer months.

When your grass is at the peak of its growth make sure that you mow it at least twice a week. During the time when its growth becomes dormant, mow it twice a month; mowing is more often may do it more harm than good. If you have never paid any attention to your grass, you can begin doing it now by following the tips and tricks mentioned above. You will notice a considerable change in the way your lawn looks. You will notice that it has started looking more healthy and green as time passes and you continue to follow these efficient grass mowing tips.



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