Air Conditioning Health Concerns

Our modern life styles have taken a serious toll on our lives; with each step towards technological advancement we are increasing our risk of being affected by a number of more dangerous diseases than we have ever known. Our fast paced lives mean that we spending a lot time in artificial environments, be it our workplaces or our hangout spots and even our homes. All of the comfortable spaces that we have created for us have one thing in common – central air conditioning systems so we can do our jobs in an effective manner without being affected by uncomfortable natural temperatures. While we are making our living spaces comfortable with regulating their humidity levels and temperatures we are also increasing our chances of becoming more prone to a number of illnesses.

This article has covered a number of health concerns which we face while we are living in our comfortably air conditioned environments.

Causes of Health Issues

A number of people today live in centrally air conditioned environments be it at their homes, their work places or places they to go hang out with friends. There are a number of health issues that come with living in a constantly air conditioned environment which will be discussed in this article later; this section will cover the reasons which cause all these health concerns.

The most common causes of health concerns related to air conditioners come from systems which have not been maintained properly. Filters which have not been cleaned in a while, dirty vents and ductwork are among the most important factors which prove to be serious health hazards to the people. Unclean systems mean presence of mold and bacteria in the environment which are the common causes of respiratory tract problems and various types of allergies. According to authentic sources, it is because of these unclean systems that make pesticides and pollutants to enter in your living spaces and workplaces. Since people spend long hours in such places they become prone to all the health issues that they bring.

Health Issues caused by Air Conditioning

Spending a lot of time in air conditioned environments can lead to a number health concerns; they commonly include a number of types of allergies, respiratory tract issues, pneumonia and other illnesses some of which may prove to be fatal. Following are some of the most common health concerns that come with living in constantly air conditioned environments.

Fatigues and Illness

A number of recent researches show that people who are used to working in constantly air conditioned environments are more to chronic health issues than the people who work in normal temperatures. These chronic health issues range from headaches and constant fatigue; if you find yourself shivering at work in the middle of summer, it is due to the fact that your body feels constantly tired. Professionals working in offices buildings which have air conditioning may also experience mucous membrane irritation on a regular basis and they are more likely to have issues with breathing. Being in an air conditioned environment can make it easier for you to catch cold, flu and illnesses which are similar in nature.

Dryness of Skin

Spending long hours in an air-conditioned environment can also lead to a number of skin problems, topping the list of these issues is extremely dry skin which is a source of constant unease for most people. Dry skin in air conditioned environment occurs due to lack of humidity in the environment which makes skin to lose its moisture; individuals suffering from issues related to dry skin should keep their skin constantly moisturized to minimize the effect of air conditioning on their skin.

Makes the Individuals more Prone to Chronic Illnesses

A number of researches show that being in a centrally air conditioned environments enhances the effects of diseases that you may be suffering from. Air conditioning increases the symptoms of a number of illnesses; these include low blood pressure, neuritis, arthritis and many other chronic illnesses. In case individuals suffering from such chronic issues avoid air conditioned environments, the process of pain management becomes a lot more difficult to manage. Those suffering from issues like these should avoid air conditioned environments as much as possible so they can improve their chances of recovering of these pains and aches in a quicker time.

Low Patience towards Heat

People who spend a lot of time in air conditioned environments on a continuous basis find it a lot more difficult to deal with the heat of summer months and their body becomes intolerant towards dealing with even moderately warm temperatures. This happens because of the stress that body has to go through when it goes from a cool environment to a warmer environment. This is the precise reason which makes it difficult for a human body to cope up with the sweltering heat of summers and is also the main cause of deaths due to heats strokes during extreme heat waves.

Increase in Breathing Difficulties

On a hot day while you are stuck in traffic, your car’s air conditioning system may seem like a blessing to you; however recently a research was conducted in which it was highlighted that air conditioning systems in cars are an important reason why so many face breathing difficulties these days. These issues with the respiratory system are due to the presence of many disease causing organisms which are present in most of the cars. These organisms are responsible for spreading diseases such as Legionnaire’s Disease, which results in high grade fever and pneumonia and may prove to be fatal in some cases.

Increased Allergies

People who suffer from allergies during the summer months can feel that they suffer from aggravated reactions if they constantly stay in air conditioned environments. This happens mostly in cases where the systems are not maintained on a regular basis which increases the chances of disease causing bacteria to be present in the air and this has increased affect on people who suffer from various types of allergies.

Irritations in the Ear

There a greater risk of mold flying around the areas which remain constantly air conditioned as compared to areas with normal temperatures. Owing to this factor, the ears of individuals who stay for long areas in these environments tend to dry and even start to bleed, making them prone to infections. Also, due to the constant noise of poorly managed systems an individual’s hearing can also be affected.

Air Pollution

Studies show that indoor air pollution proves to be a lot more of a health concern than outdoor air pollution. Because of central air conditioning systems in houses in workplaces, people live in a higher risk of a mold inhabited environment which may be a cause of allergens and other diseases. Living in such an environment means that your vulnerability to diseases including nasal issues, respiratory tract problems and various forms of allergies.

Enhance the safety of your air conditioning system

Most of that issues that come with air conditioning systems are due to dirty filters and poor quality of the system generally. While these systems are a serious health risk for the people who spend long hours with them, their safety can be improved manifolds if they are taken care of properly. It is important that these systems are maintained on a regular basis so the health risks that come with them can be reduced.

This section will cover the ways by which you can improve the working of your air conditioning systems and control the health risks which they pose to people:

• Carefully go through the manufacturer’s recommendations and replace the filters according to them as they are major cause of respiratory tract issues in people

• Make sure to arrange for a yearly check up of your systems so they continue to perform up to the mark

• Ensure that your homes have sufficient outlets for ventilation so clean and fresh air can enter them and reduce the level of contamination which is caused by air conditioning systems

• Regularly turn your systems off and allow fresh air to enter your homes and workplaces to ensure that the risk of harmful particles in the systems is reduced

• Make sure to get a good quality air cleaner installed in your sir conditioning systems

Our lifestyles today, make it very difficult for us to remove the air conditioning systems from our homes and workplaces because we have become highly dependent on the comfort that they offer. However, all of us agree to the health hazards that they bring to our lives and the environmental issues that we have to face because of them. While we may not be able to get rid of these systems permanently, we still need to incorporate the freshness of clean and natural air in to our homes and workplaces periodically so we can reduce the impacts of air conditioning on our lives. For a healthier lifestyle for your family let the fresh air enter your lives and break the illness circle that comes with artificial systems.


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