Benefits Of Acrylic Toenails

In the fashion world, there is an increasing trend of choosing acrylic nails for both fingers and toes. Those who are interested in this trend just cannot get enough of these stylish nail accessories which come in wide range of vibrant and eye catching colors. A number of salons today offer the services of giving their clients perfect toenails by acrylic applications on their clients’ toes. In case you are not aware about the latest trend of getting acrylic toenails pedicure, this article will help you to get to know about this fashion trend better so you can understand its benefits over other types of pedicures and flaunt your stylish toenails. This article will help you to understand how these nails and applied and removed so you are aware of the whole procedure and make an informed decision about getting acrylics toenails.

Acrylic toenails can now be found in huge range of colors and patterns which is owing to their great popularity among the fashion icons and regular people alike. Clients who wish to get beautiful and perfect looking toenails are going crazy over this new trend and are getting the acrylic toenail pedicures. This is a perfect trend for a number of climates but particularly suitable for warm weather because of their core ingredient.

Reasons to go for acrylic toenail pedicure

This section will cover the reasons why you should go for this latest trend.

Quick application

Acrylic toenails prove to be very quick and easy when it comes to their application. The procedure does not take a very long time, so you can easily manage a visit to your favorite salon even in your hectic work and social life schedule. You can choose to get them all over your nail or just the tips.


This trend will not burn a hole in your pocket; these acrylic toenail pedicures are very affordable, which is one of the main reasons behind their popularity. Getting these pedicures from a good salon and experienced nail technician will cost you less than $50. This fashion trend comes without any dents in your finances; get your new acrylic toenails and flaunt your beautiful feet.

For damaged nails

In addition to being the latest fashion accessory, acrylic pedicures are your best solution if you have damaged your nails somehow. This pedicure is also highly recommended for toes which have been damaged by injuries. If your toenails have a tendency to grow out in a crooked manner, getting this pedicure with help your toenails to appear straight and gorgeous.

They look amazing

If you have accidental cut your toenails to a very short length and have an event coming up where you have to look flawless, you do not need to worry about growing your nails in time, all you need is your quick acrylic toenail pedicure and you are good to go. These nails will cover the nail until the time the actual nail grows to the length that you are looking for. In addition to this, there is no limit to the creativity that your acrylic toenails cannot handle; you can simply paint them in colors of your choice or you can change their look by altering their shape.

They are durable

Once the liquid acrylic becomes completely dry and your toenails are ready, you will be surprised by their durability. While original toenails break at a small collision, these acrylic ones are very hard and difficult to be broken easily.

They are versatile

Since getting an acrylic pedicure is not expensive, you can quickly change the shape of your nails and give your feet a new look every once in a while.

No one will be able to tell the difference

If you get your acrylic toenail pedicure done by a professional nail technician, you will find that there is no difference between the original and acrylic nail and no one will be able to tell them apart. Also, these are extremely customizable, so you can choose any style in any length that you want.

Consistency in growth

A number of people have issues with inconsistent toenail growth as they think that their feet become unattractive because each of their toenails grows at a different pace. With acrylic toenail pedicure you can say goodbye to inconsistent toenail growth as they ensure perfect looking nails making your feet look great all the time.

Applying and maintaining acrylic toenails

It is recommended that you pay a visit to your favorite salon in order to get acrylic toenail pedicure as they require expertise and precision for that perfect, to-die-for look. Your nail technician will be equipped with all the instruments that are required to clean the cuticles and prepare your nails for the pedicure. Application of acrylic toenails involves just the right amount of liquid acrylic on your nail. As soon as your nail hardens, it will be ready to be sculpted according to your desired look, painted in beautiful shades and buffed to perfection. These pedicures prove to be great if you lack time to spend long hours in salons as they will only require to be filled once in a month and maintain their original flawless look.

Removing acrylic toenails

When it comes to removing, acrylic toenails can either be removed by a nail technician or you can do it yourself at home. Since they are artificial nails, you need to be careful with acrylic toenails so they do not cause any damage to the original nails underneath them. Your professional nail technician will be able to remove the acrylic nails carefully while making sure that the original nail does not get affected during the process. If you are planning to do it at home, you should ask your nail technician to recommend you a solution which can do the job in a seamless manner.

Precautions for getting an acrylic toenail pedicure

While there are not many disadvantages of getting an acrylic toenail pedicure, it is still important that you take care of a few things so your experience goes absolutely flawless and without any issues. The topmost issue to take care of is to make sure that your nail has been properly cleaned and prepared for acrylic application; if your nail technician fails to do so, you may be at a risk of acquiring a fungal growth under the acrylic nail. To avoid issues like this, ensure that your nail has properly been prepared before the acrylic nail is applied.

Another factor that you will need to put serious consideration to is the amount of moisture that enters your toenails as excess moisture can lead to a number of health issues. To avoid issues related to moisture, you need to make sure that there is no gap between the original nail and acrylic application so moisture cannot get accumulated between the two layers as it can lead to the formation of mildew making your toes prone to further issues. It is highly recommended that you keep your nails and toes absolutely clean and dry so as to avoid mildew formation.

Suitable climate for getting an acrylic pedicure

Since acrylic is an artificial layer over your original nails, it is important that you consider the climate which is suitable for it to not only maintain its quality but also prevent any health issues from arising. These nails are best suited for warmer climates when you can easily carry open toed shoes like sandals so your nails can be kept properly dry and free from moisture.

In case your toes get affected by fungal infection, you will be required to keep your feet powdered to make sure that they are dry and also use any anti fungal medicine which can be sprayed over the affected foot and can be easily bought over the counter. You should also go and see your nail technician as your fungal issue may require removal of your acrylic toenails.

In case the problem does not seen to go away with this anti fungal spray, it is recommended that you see a professional who will be able to prescribe proper medication and also advise you about proper management of the issue. Since fungal issues are prone to become chronic and take considerable time to get completely cured, it is better that you take good care of your toenails and try to avoid problems with them.

Do not go for those super long acrylic nails if you find managing your acrylic toenails (or simply toenails) to be a hassle. These are the type of toenails that are more prone to breaking and bending and hence become easier targets for fungal infections to attack them. If your fungal problem gets out of hand, it may also affect your nail beds and nails which may become damaged. Keeping in view all these reasons, nail technicians recommend that you keep your acrylic nails at a manageable length so you can enjoy your stylish nails without being worried by the health concerns that they bring with them.


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