Birthday Dinner Ideas

A birthday dinner can either be informal or formal, enjoyed in a restaurant or back at home, but however you may choose to serve the special birthday dinner, do keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the birthday girl or boy. You can make the birthday dinner a complete surprise at home or dine out alone with your loved one. Whether you are looking for birthday ideas for a girl or a boy, considering the following factors will help you celebrate the birthday of a loved one in style.

Planning the Birthday Dinner at Home

It is that special someone’s birthday and you want to make it unforgettable and special for them. Instead of ordering pizzas or a ready-made cake, throw a dinner party at your own place featuring different homemade dishes. Let’s take a look so the very best birthday dinner ideas, to make your birthday girl or guy feel extra special.


These easily cooked homemade appetizers will suit the tastes of all your guests and guest of honor:

• Easy Mexican Dip
• Shrimp Balls
• Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
• Chicken flavored crackers
• Ham and Cheese pull apart.

Main Courses

From delicious to elegant, these dinners are simple to prepare and taste great.

• Lasagna
• Homemade pizza calzones
• Chicken rolls
• Roasted pork
• Beef Steaks
• Crockpot Pulled Pork Fajitas.


Of course the Birthday Dinner cannot be completed without mouth-watering desserts. Chocolaty, fruity or Classic? Le the birthday girl or guy make their own choice!

• Chocolate lava cake
• Chocolate fudge cake with peanut butter frosting
• Lemon Cheesecake
• Raspberry Avalanche Cake
• Classic hazelnut frosting yellow cake.


Not to forget, beverages are an important part of the birthday dinner to keep everyone fresh with the fizzy drinks or punches etc.

• Adult Slushies
• Party or sangria punch.
• Pinacolada
• All fizzy drinks
• Cocktails

Points to Remember

• Make sure the birthday girl or guy is enjoying their special dinner, let them go through the sinner plan and pick out the dishes they love the most!

• Why not turn an ordinary birthday dinner plan into some themed dinner party? Set the right them for your dinner party and your evening will automatically become even more exciting, full of fun and laughter.

• If you are having problem sending individual cards, purchase one big card for everyone who’s invited to sign in. The birthday guy or girl can then keep this as a memory for years to come.

Idea#2 Dining out on Birthday: Choosing the Best Restaurant

If you are thinking to dine out on a loved one’s birthday, it may be one of the easiest and fun ways to go. However, a simple meal at a 5-star restaurant will not be special enough, so you might have to bring in some extra special spark to the birthday dinner occasion. When looking for the right restaurant, consider the following factors: ambiance, food and reservations.

Food: Sine the guest of honor is the birthday girl or boy, makes sure the restaurant you hose caters the birthday person’s tastes. However if you have guests along, it may be important to pay attention to their tastes as well. Fortunately, many restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines so your guests would easily settle on a dish that matches their tastes even if you end up in sushi bar or a steak house.

Ambiance: The atmosphere can really matter while dining out in a restaurant and can either break or make your attempt to make a birthday party special for the person. You might not want a restaurant to be too quiet or too noisy. Whether you are thinking to settle for an old favorite restaurant or try something new this time, remember to plan ahead of time.

Reservations: You might not want to spoil the birthday dinner plan only because you forgot to make reservations when there was time. For a small group of guests coming along, it may be advisable not necessary though to make reservations few days before the birthday. However, if there is a larger group of people tagging along on the special occasion, then you should consider making your reservations as soon as possible.

Invitations: You’re invited!

Show all your friends that you have no problem in throwing your own or your friend’s birthday dinner party. Make your invitations as appealing as possible so that everyone wants to come. If you are planning to have regional cuisines, then try giving your invitations a regional look similar to the type of cuisines you have decided to serve at the dinner to excite the guests.

Idea#3: Making it a personal and special experience

One of the perks of celebrating a birthday in a public place is that there is n privacy for you and your special someone which eventually becomes an issue. However, with just a little effort, you can have your birthday dinner from the rest of the noisy crowd and make the celebration a personal one.

• While making reservations, ask the clerk if the restaurant has a large banquet or if they can arrange a large table to the side to provide you the ideal atmosphere and separation from the people around you.

• Consider decorating your reserved table by placing flowers or balloons. However, remember to ask the manager first before making these arrangements.

• If your birthday dinner plan includes the arrangement of seats, make sure you put close friends and family nearest to the birthday girl or boy so that they can feel comfortable around the guest of honor.

Time to Bring the Cake!

Most of the restaurants do not have any objections in bringing your own birthday cake; in fact, they might even keep it safe in the refrigerator for you and bring it out when you ask them to. However, it would be good to inform the manager beforehand to avoid any kind of complications at the last moment. Surprise the birthday girl or boy by bringing in the cake with the birthday dinner to take them by surprise and make it one of their best birthdays ever. You can even get the cake customized in the birthday boy or girl’s favorite cartoon character (If it’s a child) or in their own picture to make them even happier.

Time for the Presents!

The way you will be handling the presents for the birthday girl or boy depends largely on the entire dinner plan for the day and even the nature of the chosen venue. So make sure you have a safe place on the table where you can pile up all the presents. Even having an extra chair can provide you the space you need to keep the presents accommodated from all the guests. If all the guests are planning to head to your place after the birthday dinner, let them know that you will open the presents there to make it exciting for everyone.

Finally Calling it a Night!

You can invite the guests over to your place for some drinks after the birthday dinners comes to an end, but if not, exchange good-nights with the guests in a nice way with an inner feeling of satisfaction that our birthday dinner ideas turned the evening into a special occasion for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Benefit from these useful birthday dinner ideas and make your or someone special’s birthday the most memorable this year! Birthdays only comes once in a year, so make it count with these best Birthday Dinner Ideas!


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