Change Your Home Locks When You Move In

Changing your locks once you move into a new house is very crucial. It’s a basic precaution every new homeowner should take. The previous residents of the home may have had a number of duplicate keys to the same locks, for many varying reasons. People like to give their significant other a key to their place all the time. Some copies of the keys may get misplaced, and there’s a big possibility that they might end up in the wrong hands.

This can easily lead to a very ugly situation –but can also be easily avoided by changing the locks to your new residence. Changing locks can be a very simple DIY (Do It Yourself) job, but the service of a locksmith can also be used if needed. By changing the locks, a person can prevent a good number of potential uncertainties. It is a very essential step, to further secure the home for your family or friends.

It doesn’t matter if the tenants of the house are on a rental basis. It is the landlord’s responsibility to provide them with a secure place for living. Many times people like to make many copies of keys, as they almost always come in handy. But, when the family needs to leave the home –they either take the keys with them or dispose them off. If these keys get in the hands of the wrong people it can become a problem for the tenants in the future.

The first thing a family should do when moving into a new house is, change the locks of their new place. If the family is moving into a residential apartment complex, they should have a word with the management of the complex. Apartment complexes usually use a lock system that can be accessed by a single master key. Only owners have duplicate keys of an apartment which are to be used in the rare event of an emergency.

It is best to speak with the landlord of management of the apartment complex, when moving into a house which makes use of a similar lock system. This may help prevent any inconvenience that might be faced by the maintenance crew. You shouldn’t change your locks without speaking to the management or landlord before, as it may be against the terms and conditions of a lease.

Locks can also be rekeyed, instead of changing them altogether. But, to be completely sure it’s best to just change the locks. Rekeying the locks may come in handy when moving into a condo, or apartment complex, which doesn’t allow their locks to be changed in order to keep the appearance of all the locks on the front doors uniform.

Reasons for changing the locks of a new place

When you move into a new household, it’s very common for the previous tenants friends or family members to have a spare key –which may be given to them for a range of legitimate reasons. But, this may be in favor of your loss as it can easily compromise the security of your household. It’s best to go about changing the locks of a new place in order to keep your friends and family safe. Enlisted below are a variety of reasons on why you should change the locks on your new house.

Spare keys

the previous tenants of the house may have handed out spare keys, to a lot of people you don’t know. The people may include their; friends, family, coworkers, roommates, and even their exes. Now since you don’t know these people, you don’t know what they are capable of. It’s best to avoid any risks and to change the locks on the doors. Spare keys make your house very vulnerable to all sorts of uncertainties and on top of all put your family and friends’ well-being at stake.

Basic precaution

it’s the least a person can do, in order to make their household safe. It’s considered a basic precaution one should take when moving into a new residence. This simple task can save a person and his family, from all sorts of losses. The wrong people can very easily get a hold of one of the spare keys, left behind by the previous owners. This may further lead to many problems. If a person isn’t aware of who has the spare keys to his new household, it’s best to make sure he changes the locks or gets them rekeyed in order to make safe his new house.

Insurance claims

In case of a legitimate robbery or burglary, an evidence of forced entry is needed to be filed along with the claim to the insurance company. Now if the burglars make use of spare keys and easily make their way inside a house! There would be no signs of forced entry; rather the entrance and locks would be unscathed. This may cause the insurance claim to get rejected and provoke suspicion towards the home owner even if the burglary was legitimate and not set up.

Things to keep in mind when changing a lock

Locks of your new household should be typically changed within days of moving in. Even if you’ve bought an old home or brand new one, these precautions are of utmost importance. The whole security of a house solely depends upon the locks installed on the entrance, so it should be made sure that the locks are better quality ones, and can withstand a good amount of wear and tear. Some of the many other things that should be kept in mind when changing the locks of your new place of residence are given below.

Start with the door locks

since the front door is the main entrance of a house. It is of key importance to secure it first, by changing its locks. The most common points for entrance to a house are doors for regular folks. However thieves or burglars may make use of more, black hat methods of entry such as; using a window, or maybe some gap on the roof, even chimneys on some occasion –if they’re wide enough.

Buy premium quality locks

The entire security of the house depend on its locks, so it’s best to buy premium quality locks in order to ensure optimal safety for the residents of your house. Some people may choose cost over quality, but that can lead to a big amount of loss in the long run. As cheaper locks aren’t as durable, and can be broken with little to no physical effort. Your house’s security shouldn’t be compromised for a cheaper, less durable option. Be sure to buy the best quality lock available in the market as the security of your household, and the well-being of your friends and family depend on it.

Choose between a DIY or Locksmith

installing new locks on an entrance can be a rather easy task –given you have some prior experience with hardware work. It’s best to do the job yourself, if you’re new to the area and don’t know of any locksmith. Installing a new lock is a very simple thing which can be done by yourself and even by a locksmith if you don’t like doing hardware work. If the locks require rekeying or are not regular-type of locks, it’s best to take the service of a professional i.e. a locksmith, to makes sure that the job has been done correctly and without any error.

Cover the full house

Sometimes people only change the locks on their front doors, and leave the other potential entrances, as it is. It’s best to completely change the locks of the full household in order to avoid any and all mishaps. A great amount of loss can be prevented by this simple investment. All the locks on the property including; garage doors, basement entrances, and even windows, should be completely changed or rekeyed if necessary. Most people don’t even change the locks of their front doors when they move into a new house. For those who do, they don’t change the other locks installed on the property. It is very essential to change each and every potential entrance on your property.

Take into perspective the door’s health and the types of locks

sometimes when a house is old, it’s doors and locks are bound to be old as well. When dealing with a similar situation, it is of utmost importance to take into perspective the type of locks installed on the door, as different types of locks make use of holes in different places in the door. Whether you change the lock completely or just simply rekey it, is totally up to you. But, changing the lock on a door requires drilling new holes, or re-drilling the holes already in place. This may easily compromise the integrity of a door, if the door is old and weak. The door might give in due to this, so it’s considered best to take the service of a professional in this case to avoid any damage.


  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that installing new locks on your house when you move in is a good security measure. My husband and I just moved into a new home, and I don’t know if we got all existing copies of the key. We’ll definitely look into having new locks installed so we can be sure that we’re secure in our new house. Thanks for the great post!


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