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Many fundraising ideas are tried and tested but the most inventive ideas come up when people try to think outside the box a little bit. Even if you cannot come up with an entirely new idea, try to think of ways you can tweak or change an existing plan. How can you add some value to give you the best return? Fundraising is very competitive so the quirkier your idea, the better in order to excite your supporters and stand out.

Furthermore, the challenge comes about when your organization is short of budget or doesn’t want to pool in much resource to raise funds for some cause. The best way to start is by scrutinizing your cause and having a brainstorming session around it. Your main focus could be “cheap fundraising ideas” and then let your imagination run wild. The number of ideas you come up with will surprise with you. If you can get enough people to back you, even wacky and wild ideas can work.
We assure you that if you are passionate enough, it will shine through in all your charitable activities. Let us look at some easy and economical fundraising ideas that you can put into action to raise funds for your organization or cause.

Baby Sitting

Do you think you have the patience and skill to handle a crying baby? Put yourself to test and sign up for being someone’s baby sitter to earn money for a cause. You can charge per hour. This is a great way to quickly and easily earn a reasonable amount of money with zero investment.

Board Game Tournament

Choose a fun game that people are familiar with such as monopoly or clue. Charge an entry fee for each individual that takes part. Make sure there is enough space to accommodate participants waiting for their turn. Have a standard raffle or 50/50 raffle for door prizes. Other entertainment for the participants could be concession stands offering popcorn, hotdog, soda pop, coffee, chips or water bottles to earn some extra cash for your cause.

Beach Cleanup

In summer months, raise money with a beach cleanup day. in these months people spend so much time on the beach, and unintentionally tend to dirty it up with food wrappers, plastic bottles, even magazines and discarded toys. This offers a great opportunity for you to raise money and clean up your environment at the same time. Take rounds in your local neighborhood asking people to pay a suitable amount for every quarter mile of the beach you clean. You will need volunteers as well as trash bags to collect trash. To raise more money, separate recyclable trash as some facilities will be willing to buy them from you.

Cleaning Service

You can offer door to door cleaning service to residents. Residents often do not have time to do self-cleaning and professional cleaners cost a fortune. They would be more than willing to hire you to do the job knowing you are doing it for charity.

Coffee And Bagel Kiosk

Set up a small coffee and bagel kiosk in some high traffic area whereby people are rushing to workplaces. You can also set it up outside some corporate building under the name of your cause. Employees who are getting late for work can place an order and let you deliver it to their office and charge an extra delivery fee. This is a fundraising idea which will bring in small sums of money but with the passage of time you will be able to generate huge revenues.

Dollars For Dares

Get your audience’s attention and announce that you are working for a charity and will do a specific dare if a certain amount is raised. Common dare challenges will include diving into a pool or lake in winter, dyeing your hair, performing a song or dance move in public, shaving your head or wearing a crazy outfit around town.

Donation Container

Save old metal cans or jars and cover them in bright colored papers with your organizations logo and name prominently displayed and some catchy slogan for your cause. Specify on your container where the cash donations will go. Visit your local merchants and ask if you can leave the donation container at their cash counter. Your organization gets 100% profits.

Do Someones Assignment

There are several people who are looking for freelancers or content writers to do their university work or write articles for them. This is one thing you can do from the convenience of your sanctuary with minimal investment. You can charge for the number of words written or number of assignments done per week.

Guessing Game

In this one, simply fill a plastic jar with M&Ms, or jellybeans and have participants pay to guess how many candies are there in a clear container. The closest guess wins the jar and you get to keep the entire donated participant fee.

Heavy Lifter Helpers

Get young teenage athletes to volunteer for this activity and allow them to use their skill for their community. Elderly citizens might need help with daily tasks such as lifting, moving, carrying and opening services. Ask for donations from the people you are helping by specifying your cause and for guaranteed money, charge a small fee for your service.

Moreover you can reorganize their garages, unpack and unload their groceries, and sort boxes in their basements.

Hamster Race

Set up a race track in which the contestants can place their hamsters. Charge an entry fee and see donations pooling in! Winner gets an interesting prize and the hamster gets a piece of carrot!

Kite Flying

Enjoy a picnic day with all the volunteers and take your kite along. Charge a fee for entering the kite competition and keep a fun prize for the participant who can keep the kite airborne the longest.

No-Bake Bake Sales

No doubt bake sales can be profitable and fun, but let’s be honest; they are over-done and old school. A no-bake bake sale is actually a bake sale with the added twist is that instead of baked items, it consists of healthy treats. Why not take advantage of the healthy eating trend to raise funds for your non-profit organization. Instead of having your volunteers bake cakes for donation why not make them follow the health and wellness theme to provide tasty treats that will not clog donor’s arteries.

Organize A Dance-A-Thon

Arrange some music, get hold of an empty plot and make couples dance until they wear out! The last duo dancing are the winners. Charge an entry fee from each couple. People will be willing to pay premium amounts to participate. A small fee for watching can also be charged and the event can run in multiple locations to generate a huge amount.

Online Business

The internet offers vast opportunities to raise funds quickly, easily and without much investment. Sell baked goods or other DIY items under the name of your cause and earn huge profits. You can reach a huge audience by promoting yourself through social media.

Pop The Balloon

All you need are helium balloons, a string and slips of papers. Visit local retailers explaining them your cause and ask if they would like to donate exciting prizes in exchange for free advertising.

Fill balloons with helium and put a slip inside each balloon to make all of them look similar. On some slips write the prize while on some simply write “thank you for participating”. All balloons should be of the same consistency and size.
As you sell the balloons, tell people to hold on to their balloon until all have been sold. At that point instruct the participants to pop their balloon and see what their slip says. The winners can then be awarded their prize.

Squeegee Day

At a local drive thru such as McDonalds or Tim Horton’s, ask people to get their windshields washed and donate money for a cause (make sure to mention your cause). This is how it works. Have one person stand at the beginning of the drive thru asking the customer if he would want to get his windshield washed for (mention cause)*. If he says yes, the volunteer places a red card under his windshield wiper. Once they get to the front, after looking at the red signal card, team of two volunteers washes the windshield and thanks them for the donation. To raise a bigger amount, volunteers can be placed at 2 or 3 locations depending on the number of volunteers available.

Sell Your Antiques

Get volunteers to donate their precious antiques for a cause. By setting up a small kiosk you get to earn a profit by selling those antiques. You can also give a percentage of your earning to the donor.

School Wide Yard Sale

Host a school wide yard auction on one of your fields. Ask teachers, students, staff and parents to donate their gently used items up for sale. Promote your yard sale heavily. Ask parents to post information in their neighborhood newsletter. Teachers and students can reach out to their network of family and friends. Try to get the whole town involved. Also try to get some refreshments for added funding. Make sure to let all the donors know what the cause is.

Valet Service

Arrange for a valet service at a mall or a busy street. You will need 8 to 10 volunteers for this. Make sure to inform car owners of how you are providing this service for a cause. Also mention the cause on your key hanging kiosk. Charge a small fee for your valet service. Some car owners will also want to pay more for getting their windshields cleaned.


Have young volunteers offer help to finish off odd jobs for people of your community to earn money. volunteers can rake leaves, mow lawns, help cook meals, clean up around the house, walk dogs or any other task the donor wants to get done. you can host this event as a one-timer or make it a fundraising series by offering volunteers every Saturday for example. This way you will be creating an amazing cycle of community service and also raising funds.

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