Cleaning Silk Rugs

Cleaning Silk Rugs

Since silk rugs are made of a very delicate material proper care should be taken before you begin cleaning them. The cleaning process should not be carried out in a way that damages the material; while the combination of materials is designed taking care of its strength it is still only a combination of water and protein. Owing to its purely organic nature, it is prone to be affected by a number of environmental factors that generally do not affect any other materials. While it is highly recommended to get your silk rugs cleaned by professionals, if the stains are of a less serious nature you can still work on them on your own. High level of care has to be taken because a small mistake can lead to a very serious damage to your precious and rare rug.

Silk is used as rugs in a number of ways to enhance its strength, beauty and texture. Some of the best combinations include silk incorporated with wool to make carpets; while the silk and wool combination is stronger but care should still be taken when cleaning and avoid harsh methods for cleaning. While this completely organic combination, silk is sometimes also combined with artificial materials as well but owing to its mixing the final product is considered inferior to the original organic material. According to experts, the rugs made of silk are of such a superior quality that they last for centuries and are passed down in families as artifacts; on the other hand are the inferior quality rugs which last only for a few years. In addition to the combinations of materials, difference also comes from the way a rug has been made. There are two common methods of making a rug; tufting and weaving. Tufted rugs are inexpensive as compared to the woven varieties which last longer and can endure more foot traffic.

Cleaning your silk rugs

When you start considering a silk rug for cleaning it is important to focus on the way it has been made as it will be critical for cleaning it accordingly; using a method which is not suitable will ruin it. Other than professional cleaning, you need to vacuum your silk rug regularly so dry dust does not settle in its knots as this accumulated dust can tear the fibers of your silk rug. Extra care should be given to the fringe so the texture of the rug remains unaffected. The question that a lot of people ask is that what the right time to get a silk rug is cleaned; when you pick it up and strikes it with your hand or any other thing and a cloud of dust appears around you! Then is the time to start considering proper cleaning of it.

When spots appear on your silk rug you need to consider the nature of these stains before tackling them with a cleaning method. If the stains are dry, try your best to clean without using any cleaning liquid. However if the stains are of wet or sticky nature, blot them before you clean them away with water. Never use hot water on your silk rugs as they are highly sensitive to high temperatures specially water which may cause break down to the material of your prized rug. If you are planning to wash your rugs, always use lukewarm water to avoid any damage to them.

Safely cleaning your silk rugs

Caring for and cleaning silk rugs is not the same as that of the ordinary area rugs. Even if you are used to taking care of your area rugs yourself without any professional help, never try any of those methods on silk rugs. Owing to the difference in the ways both of these rug types are woven their cleaning methods are also different so as to not ruin the delicate knots of the silk rugs. If you want to ensure that your silk rugs continue to look great over the years you will need to take gentle care of them between the times that you hire professional services to get them cleaned.

Silk rugs are exquisitely beautiful and make the room appear out of this world; owing to their delicate nature they require to be cleaned in a manner which does not affect their texture and quality. Owing to the nature of the material they are woven from these rugs are very strong and can be stretched to a certain extent but they get back to their original size over time. Silk rugs are very lightweight which also makes them extremely delicate and they should not be kept in an area or room which gets a lot of foot traffic as their texture can be very adversely affected if they are walked up on a lot. If the color of your silk rug gets faded or it embroidery gets damaged it cannot be restored back to its exquisite beauty as both these get permanently damaged.

How to keep your silk rug clean

When you get a silk rug you need to have a plan about how you are going to keep it clean and safe from damage as it is a big investment and ruining it will mean a lot of damage to your finances. A number of people hang their silk rugs on walls as a decorative item and not on floor to minimize the chances of their damage. The best way keep these rugs in an immaculate state is to minimize the foot traffic that walks over them as it is the main reason which causes them irreparable damage.

After some time of use dust that gets accumulated in these silk rugs can be swept away with any ordinary broom. Care has to be taken that this is done in a gentle manner and does not break the delicate material of the silk rug.

In case of stains

If any stains make their way on your silk rug you need to take care of it immediately so the stain does not set in your expensive silk rug permanently. If anything which is dry in nature falls over your rug you need to scoop it up quickly and throw it away; make sure that in the process of cleaning you do not accidentally cause any damage to your rug. Since these rugs are very delicate, any rough scrapping can cause more damage to your rug than the one you were planning to avoid. If a liquid stain appears on your rug you need to absorb the access of that liquid with a white cloth and blot the rest with either lukewarm water or a gentle cleaning liquid which is specially designed for silk rugs.

A number of people suggest using club soda with a rag on the area which has the stain and then leaving it to air dry. You can also use a mixture made of water and white vinegar and use it over the stain. Simply blot the stain with this liquid with the help of a rag and then leave it to dry. It is however better to try the solution you are planning to use on a small and unnoticeable area of your rug before using it to a larger area. In case is seems to cause any more damage to your rug, you need to avoid using it and look for an alternative.

Keep your rugs away from chemicals and heat

Since silk rugs are very delicate it is recommended that you avoid using any sources of heat near or over them as it and cause shrinkage or any other sort of damage to your rug. When you use a liquid stain remover on your rug, make sure that you let it air dry and avoid using any artificial drying methods over the affected area. The water that you use for cleaning your silk rug, ensure that its temperature is lukewarm and not boiling as it is also a cause of damage to such delicate rugs.

On the other hand are chemicals which are used for cleaning silk rugs; most of them contain harsh chemicals which may be suitable for area rugs but are to be strictly avoided when it comes to silk rugs because they are very sensitive to most chemicals. While there may not be a sign of damage immediately, these chemicals can cause rips and holes in your rug if used on a regular basis. The beauty of silk rugs lies in their strong hues; these colors which set them apart can be affected by using harsh chemical laden products over them.

Apart from stains

The above mentioned methods are to be used in case of stains over your silk rugs; however, even if there are no stains on your rug, it will sure require cleaning after some time. Since they very sensitive and cannot be exposed to regular shampooing and tumble drying, what the owners such rugs suggest is to mix water and white vinegar in equally proportions and gently rub off the surface of your ilk rug with a rag. Before you use this mixture, sweep of the dust that may have accumulated on its surface over time.


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