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Raising money on a large scale for some cause is not always easy as it requires an organized activity that is able to secure financial resources. However, the awareness of collecting funds to make a difference by benefiting the people of the society who are in need has risen considerably. Corporate fundraising is an effective form of raising money because it involves pursuing a relationship with various companies or organizations that can commit to support the cause in monetary terms.

Once you set up a corporate fund raising event it gathers up other sources of money as well because the event is associated to sponsors, co-brands, corporate partners and supporters. To cultivate this form of fundraising you need to have a persuasive strategy of grasping the attention of public which can include both formal and informal events. The more contacts you have in the corporate sector the more chances you have to be heard by the community that is willing to give off money.

Once a corporation is associated to a campaign not only do they have a chance to work in favor of the charity and show the public that they have true sense of corporate responsibility but they get to promote their product or service along with it. The corporation develops chances of improving their credibility and reputation in front of their consumers and competitors. Moreover, if a charity organization is able to get a successful corporation on board for fund raising they will be to get in a lot of attention from various social platforms which will aid in forwarding the cause.

When you plan on initiating the ideas of a corporate fundraising always remember to approach the member corporation with a professional attitude. Inviting to whatever event you have planned even if it is an informal occasion, as this builds a concrete fund raising relationship because you show concern and respect to the purpose of this collaboration. Explain them the reason behind this fund raising campaign to motivate them to take part in it. Never forget to do a little research on ideas that can guide you planning an entertaining event that would drive the donors of the corporation to spend without hesitation.

Here are a few ideas for corporate fund raising that can turn out to be highly successful:


Get hands on an interesting collection of high quality classic wine, vintage comics and sports goods. These are actually a few things that can be enticing for every age group. People want to have something extra ordinary in possession, a version of something that others don’t have, this is why they are willing to spend quite a lot on these things. The auction can be concluded with a good round of refreshments which will make the evening of the guests a memorable one.

Dinner And Live Music

Everyone is a music lover although the taste in the genre differs but live music is something that is enjoyed by everyone. You can call the staff of a corporate firm or people from a high post to join each other a restaurant that has a distinctive cuisine. You can even set a particular dish in the name of the cause. The more those dishes are consumed the more money you can raise. The live music will create a sophisticated ambiance which entertains them while they enjoy a lovely dinner.

Golf Tournament

Almost every other individual turns up at a golf game because people enjoy showing off their skills. Corporate members are usually very enthusiastic about golf because after a hard weekend they like to unwind around with their buddies at a golf course with their clubs. This way your charity organization gets to sell tickets for the game and you can even present the winner with a small prize. You can have program sponsors and networking prospects which help in raising a good amount of finance.

Company Beach Party

Make your supporters take a day off to let them enjoy the radiant sun with their bathing suits. Set up a ticket for the party with a few perks of a free meal from the food stalls. You can have a DJ who can play music to entertain all the guests. You can also have a little cocktail bar in the beach hut to give them a Hawaiian style picnic which will definitely be a unique idea for the guests.

Company Prom

Who doesn’t want to redo their prom all over again with their loved ones? Everyone still wants to relive those teenage moments from their high school which eventually lead them to enter their practical lives. Set up a dance floor and invite the corporate staff with their partners for a lavish evening. You can also spice up the event by having a band that can play all kinds of jazz blues to put the guests on their feet. This regal function will bring a lot of people in to support your cause.

Chocolate Cake Eating Contest

This contest can be a little satisfaction for your guest’s sweet tooth and an entertaining competition that will mark a winner. The person who eats the most pieces of chocolate cake will win. This can be small scale contest for all those chocolate lovers who want to enjoy a decadent feast and help in raising fund for those in need.

Karaoke Night

This is a Japanese hit but people all around the world have loved the idea of getting together for a Karaoke night. It is weir how you have to sing with the music and lyrics appearing on a screen but people who love singing make the most with this opportunity. Those who think that they don’t have a good voice try to explore how they sound and what public thinks about them. This is not only entertaining but you get to build confidence.

Theme Party

Plan a theme party and set a dress code for all the members. You can go with something like a super hero convention or a cartoon theme. It gives the guests a whole open range to dress up and try something out of the ordinary. These kinds of parties are always successful if there is food and live performances.

Boot Camp

This is something that every office working employee needs in their lives because if you are not a field worker then you have the tendency of getting fat. This boot camp can have a trainer conduct workout sessions for those who register and pay. This is something which is very enticing for the ladies and they will certainly turn up to raise money and benefit from the exercises that will help them in getting a fit and leaner body.

Culinary Competition

Bring out the inner chef in the people who sit behind desks and are never given the opportunity of cooking something with their skills. Hold a competition similar to the famous TV series known as Master Chef! You can also call in a chef to have a little master class for people who are enthusiastic about learning cuisines.

Talent Show

Ask everyone to present something to the audience. Add a few categories that an individual can select to perform accordingly. This way every one gets to participate no matter if their talent is of doing something small or big. Their participation will show how much they are committed to the cause and donating money.

Summer Concert

Arrange a concert based on the concept of Coachella, this will attract a lot of sponsors who want to be associated to this kind of event. This kind of concert gives off a summery vibe and lets us explore the hippie side to us. The program can have a few bands that want to promote their music and support your cause. This will raise money from every point of individual.

Pet Show

Pet lovers are going to register for this event in large numbers and there is a huge audience that will donate in charity to see these lovable animals. Arrange a small talent show or competition to let the guests show off their pets and their skills. The audience will be able to see a range of animals and how they are being taken care of.

Drive-Thru Cinema

Revive the 80s by setting up an outdoor cinema by having a small projector that plays a recently released movie and create a drive through cinema. This is an innovative idea because you get to sit in your car and enjoy the 3 hour motion picture. You can even add a little clip at the beginning to showcase your cause of fund raising. You can set up a ticket booth and charge a ticket fee that can be donated in charity.

Pool Party

No one misses a pool party especially when you have a little massage parlor and a tanning bed. Make the pool party interesting rather than just letting your guests splash around in water. Invite supporters and their family to enjoy a relaxing day without the stress of work or household.

Gaming Marathon

Play station has revolutionized the gaming industry and it has taken the gaming scene much further. Nowadays, this gaming addiction has gotten to not just kids but a lot of adults to. Invite your supporters to an inbuilt gaming zone that has a good amount of screens and a solid gaming interface. You will actually see that they will be occupied for hours. Place a ticket per hour played and you will be able to raise a lot of money.

Makeover Voucher

Ladies will love this offer and they will pile up for this for what it is worth, they will pay you good. You can also provide vouchers for men to a salon that can fix their hair or treat their face. You can associate yourself with local spas and salons who can also give you money on every customer they receive because of the voucher offer.

Trip To A TV Show

This might require few investments from your side but you can definitely maximize your fundraising. Everyone wants to meet a celebrity of a TV show and you can not only book a show to sit as an audience but you can give them access to a back stage pass where they can get their pictures and selfies with the TV star.

Poker Night

Make your supporters feel like playing poker in Vegas and let them show off their master skills to win the game of cards. The amount of money they win on their chips can be donated for the fundraising.

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