Does Ant Bait Works?

Before talking about ant bait’s quality and to what extent it works, it is important that the readers know what ant baits exactly are. The most effective tool that exterminators in their professions use is called ant bait; it is more commonly used in residential buildings and gets the place rid of ant infestations in the most efficient manner. Irrespective of the species that you have to deal with, the manner of executing ant bait remains the same. While the simpler species is the one that we generally see in homes, others include rather uncommon species like fire and carpenter ants.

How does an ant infestation generally grow?

It is commonly observed that ants prefer living in big groups that are generally termed as colonies. These colonies are ruled by a special type of ants called the queen ants which rule the entire colonies of ants. Ants function on very well planned lifestyle which is characterized by their teamwork; every type of ant performs its own function to ensure the smooth running of their colonies. They work in the capacity of doctors and take care of others; they work as scouts and run the general working of their colonies. The ants that are responsible to take care of their colonies and the ones that work for the running of the ant colonies, get to leave in the colonies while others always stay in. These ants are in thousands in number and continuously stay in the nests. The most effective way to reach the whereabouts of these nests where these ants live is to bind their nests with strong and poisonous ant bait. These ant baits are available with professional exterminator.

How does an ant bait work?

For an ant bait to work effectively it is extremely important to ensure that they have the right proportion of ingredients which make them strong and fatal for the ants. Professional exterminators use products that have the right ratios of each ingredient which is why their products work better than any home remedies or the over the counter products.

To make an effective ant bait you need to mix a poison which works steadily through the ants’ systems with a food source which the ants cannot resist in any case. The idea behind using a slow acting poison is that the ants that go to work outside their nests are responsible for getting food for other ants. When they find a food source, worker ants eat some of it themselves and take the rest to their nests to feed other ants that continuously live in the nests and rarely leave it. Since the poison used in an ant is of a slow acting variety, it does not kill the worker ants immediately but allows them sufficient time to take the poisonous food source to their nests. However, after sometime worker ants succumb to death along with every other ant that it has fed with that poisonous food source.

Why ant bait is better than aerosol spray?

Not only that such spray products are toxic and dangerous for even human beings in the long run, these products just act to kill the ants they have been sprayed on. As soon as they are sprayed, they start losing their effectiveness while ant baits take their poison to the nests and kill more ants in the process. This is the main reason why professional exterminators suggest and use these properly proportioned ant baits instead of the regular and less effective aerosol spray. To avoid any harm to your family, friends and even pets, it is recommended that you use ant baits to limit the damage caused by, in return increasing the benefits from them.

What are the important types of ant baits that you should know?

Since ants and other insects of similar nature can be found either inside or outside your house, it is critical that you know which type of product should be used where to yield maximize its effectiveness. What you need to know is that here are many types of ant baits that you can easily get, however there are divided into two main categories; the ones prepared to use on the outside areas and the other ones for specific use inside your homes and buildings.

To ensure optimum effectiveness you need to use both type of products to eradicate the issue for a longer time. The ant baits that are designed to specifically use indoors are more often than not kept in cases or safe boxes to ensure that they do not pose any harm to small kids and pets at home. If you hire a professional exterminators to do the task of getting your houses rids of ant infestations, you will see that they usually place ant baits in places where small children and pets cannot reach them.

If your professional exterminators find that ants are entering your property through a number of cracks or crevices found around the general area, they prefer using ant baits that come in the form of get. These gel based products are placed I the cracks by the help of a caulking gun or a similar instrument. These gel based products are used as not many other products can work in small cracks and crevices.

Since there may be a number of ant hills found around the areas with ant infestation, your professional exterminator will place the ant baits designed for outside use around these ant hills. In addition to these ant hills, they also place these ant baits around the foundation of the building affected with ant infestations. Enclosed in structures called bait stations, the ant baits prepared for outside use, are usually found in granular or liquid forms to increase their practicality and effectiveness. The ant baits which come in granular forms are placed around the areas where the ants can easily find them. This way the ant responsible for taking food to their nest can quickly find them and take them with time; this increases the effectiveness of the process and it can be completed quickly.

How does this process work?

It is very important for your professional exterminator to locate the areas in or around your building where these ants are present in the largest number. This will help the in placing their ant baits around the area and increase the effectiveness of the process. Your professional exterminator will place their ant baits strategically to ensure that ants finds them easily and quickly take them inside their nest to feed more ants; this way the results of this activity will increase and you will get rid of ant infestations for a longer time.

Your exterminator will open the lid on the bait station so ants may enter them; once they leave with poisonous food source the bait station should be filled immediately. You may also find that professional exterminators use these ant baits in a combination with other products. While this may increase the efficiency of the process, it is still the ant bait that kills a larger number of ants.

How long does the process take?

While it strict depends up on the extent to which these infestations have gone, the process of removing all ant infestations from a building may take two to three weeks. If the supply of the ant baits is continuous, ants will never stop eating it and you may never have to face an infestation again. If your building has a very heavy infestation, the process may also take several months to completely eradicate the place.


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