Hotel Suite Or A Room- What is the Difference?

While booking hotel rooms for your visit to an unknown country or for your vacation, you might often come across the common option of choosing a hotel room or a suite. Most commonly everyone considers a hotel suite to be a more significant option as it an upgraded and luxurious room, with its separate own bedroom and lounge area as compared to a traditional hotel room where the seating or the lounge area is located within the bedroom itself.

There is no real standard for hotel suites which is why i is important to enquire whenever you go for searching a hotel room to know exactly what is offered as it might depend on the type of hotel your are making your stay in. If you are making bookings for rooms for a larger group, sometimes getting a hotel suite may save you the extra charges of ordering beds while staying in a standard room.

Hotel suites also gives you access to additional services such as a kitchenette or a separate bathroom that could be quite useful for you depending on whatever the reasons are for your stay. A hospitality suite also has the options to connect to other rooms, giving you the feel of a small apartment as compared to the standard hotel rooms. Added luxuries often include a deluxe bath, a wet bar and a work station. However, be sure to acquire all the details from the clerk as some luxury suites might resemble a standard hotel room while only offering more space.

Hotels offer a wide range of services, but what exactly does the clerk mean when he or she asks you if you will prefer a standard hotel room or a suite. A suite can provide you with a more luxurious experience as compared to a room. Let’s now take a closer look at what the sets the hotel room and the hotel suite apart from each other and why will we be most likely to pay extra money for the hotel suite?

So what exactly is a Hotel Suite?

First of all, keep in mind that the various hotels use different label to refer to the types of accommodations they have to offer. In general, a traditional single room will consist of a king or two queen sized beds, where in a suite there might be a series of connected rooms.

Normal hotel rooms are always like what you expect: a single bed, plus television, reading chair, writing desk, closet, dresser and a private bathroom. However, when it comes to a Hotel Suite, there is a wide variety of room configurations that are considered as suites in the modern day, offering a number of different amenities.

Below listed are the most common:

Hotel Suite with a separate bathroom.

This is the most classic hotel suite setup that many of us think when we hear the word ‘suite’. Here, there are a minimum of two rooms that is a bedroom and a living room. Some hotel suites consist of a separate kitchen area too. The living area, almost always, contains a sofa that can be turned into a bed.

Hotel Suite with an expanded living room.

Often known as a junior suite, this type of hotel suite consists of a typically larger living room area, enough to accommodate a number of people or guests. However, this type of suite always comes with a single room.

Hotel Suite with a fully equipped kitchen.

A fully furnished and equipped kitchen is usually featured along with a refrigerator and a freezer in this type of hotel suite. Keep in mind though that not all suites with kitchens may be full suites, as often some are configured like a junior suite with the added facility of a kitchen altogether in a single room.

Presidential Suite

If you desire to go with a rather lavish option that you might ask for the presidential suite. These come with best panoramic view, ergonomic work station, deluxe bedding as well as luxurious waiting and dining areas. The presidential suite comes with many extras, from luxury toiletries to a wet bar with additional telephones, a DVD player and a stereo.

So if you are going on a trip with rather large groups consider valuable suite options and compare prices before settling for regular rooms. Or, if you are in search for a more comfortable experience for you and your partner, simply upgrading to one small room suite options could provide you what you will be looking for to make your stay an extra special one.

A Basic Hotel Room

When booking a basic or traditional hotel room, you will most likely get a room which has queen sized beds or a king sized bed and a small, private bathroom with only a few toiletries. Depending on what kind of hotel it is five star or two star, you might as well have a coffeemaker, or hair dryer or other added luxuries. Most hotel rooms may even include free Wi-Fi, but it might not be the same case when travelling to foreign locations. Some rooms might consist of an armchair and a desk or a table with a reading lamp or a desk for working. Your standard hotel room will also give you access to room service, movies and the mini bar, but always with additional costs or charges.

What things to consider when choosing between a Hotel Suite and a Room?

The only best way to makes sure that you get the right hotel room for your stay, is to make sure that the hotel room meets all your requirements listed in the series of questions below. And, second of all, be sure to look into the rooms’ details offered by a particular hotel you are booking with to check if the name they give to the type of accommodations is exactly what you think it is

How many people are there with you?

If you have more than five people with you, then a suite will be your best option as it will be easy to accommodate all of them in a suite with separate room apart from feeling congested by accommodating all of them in a stand room.

How much time will you spending in the hotel?

If you will be welcoming guests or are staying for a longer tome, then booking a hotel suite will be your best bet, whereas, standard rooms can be quite cramped.

Will I want to preparing meals myself during my stay?

If you are looking forward to save money by eating in, then a full upgraded kitchen in a hotel suite will be worth the cost. If you do not want to be bothered by the extra expenses of cooking and shopping, then the standard microwave and mini fridge will probably suit the bets of your options.

How much will I be able to spend?

Determining your budget is important as a hotel suite always costs more than a standard room as it is the most expensive option. For example, if you are traveling with a group of people, it might cost a bit less and help you save to reserve a suite than it would cost you to book two speared hotel rooms with enough beds to accommodate almost everyone.

What all this defines that it is a good idea to go through all the details of your room before booking at any hotel online. If you are unsure, contact the hotel directly. Not only will they provide you with all the details, but can also attach a note to your reservation to make sure your room or suite has all the accommodations that they promised you to make your stay comfortable.


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