How Does A Hair Removal Cream Work?

Hair removal creams are much easier to use to remove unwanted hair, as it helps to get rid of the hair without pain. Hair removal cream works totally different from wax as it doesn’t pluck the hair from the roots. It is a safer way than shaving and laser treatment. According to a survey, people find hair removal cream more convenient than other hair removing methods. They are also safe in the way that they will not scratch the skin or wouldn’t even pull it out. Usually, during the process of waxing, along with the pain, it makes skin loosen and will make you look older than your age.
It has been observed that some of the hair removal creams are even safe for face. They limit the use of hot wax over the face and don’t let the skin loose down. It also gives an end to the laser session where you need to spend a lot of money and have to bear the itching of the process. In contrast to it, hair removal cream is less expensive and it’s all the matter of 15 to 20 minutes. It is important to know the methodology for using any product before purchasing it.

The guide to use hair removal cream.

Although, hair removal creams are made from different chemicals that react with the hair keratin and proteins and make them wipe off easily, but they aren’t harmful for skin.

Purchase the Hair Removal Cream: Know About your Skin Type

Before beginning with the procedure of hair removing, it is important to know about your skin type as some of the creams have such ingredients which react with the skin leaving skin rashes and skin infections thus it is necessary to know which cream to be used for best results on the skin type.
Hair removal creams work for many people in positive ways, this is the reason market is saturated with such products. Today, different type of creams target different type of audience. Companies and research laboratories use different types of chemicals to meet the skin needs. Now a days, decide for the creams that will match your anticipated aesthetic needs.

Know About the Forms of Cream

Varying with the skin types, Aloe Vera creams are used for sensitive skin type, and same goes for dry and oily skin. Along with the specified skin types, some of the brands manufacture creams according to the certain areas of the body on which the cream is supposed to be used. Apart from the skins types and areas of the body, the form in which the cream is manufactured also varies. Creams come in lotion form, gel form, mouse, foam spray, roll on or powdered form. Before grabbing any product for yourself, get to know about your needs or probably consult a dermatologist.

Try to Purchase Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Darkening Cream

It has been observed that most of the hair removal creams darken the skin after usage. I can’t completely deny the fact. It is a reality but nowadays, companies are working on the anti-darkening creams that will give the fine results without darkening the skin. Many of the anti-darkening creams are nowadays are available in the market which give the same or even better result than the ordinary hair removal cream without letting the skin darken.

It is also recommended to use anti-bacterial cream. As after the hair removal process, it is easy for the bacteria to get into the skin through the small openings on the skin known as pore. A pore is the origin of a hair and a source of nutrition for the hair to grow. Once the hair has been removed from the skin, the pores are left open and are prone to bacteria. Bacteria tend to hide itself in these opening and is often the reason of skin infections and allergies. Thus it is important to choose for the cream that is anti-bacterial and anti-darkening. So think wisely.

Test the Cream on the Skin

To be on the safer side, it is also recommended to test the product before using. A small portion of the body is supposed to be tested with the cream in order to avoid future chemical reactions, infections and in severe cases skin burns also. Apply a small portion of the cream you have selected according to the skin type. Leave the part of skin open to air and check till 24 hours. If the cream causes some irritation to the skin or makes the skin red, it is not the cream for your skin type. Switch to another brand.

Read the Instructions on the Packaging

For all the skin care products, companies have a reading booklet wrapped in the packaging. It is important to know about the cream, its’ ingredients and the process to use it. The reading booklet also supports several languages if the product belongs to an international manufacturer. Go through the instructions thoroughly before applying the cream to a large portion of the body.

Inside the Packaging

Inside the pack of the cream, there would probably be a bottle filled with cream and a spatula to apply the cream. There is also small printed booklet about the cream telling the dos’ and don’ts’, the ingredients and the precautionary measures to be taken before and after using the cream.

Apply the Cream

Before applying the cream to any part of the body, make sure that the skin portion is clean and dry. To finish this confusion, wash the skin with water and soap, completely dry it with the help of a small towel.

The cream should be applied with patience. It should be applied in the direction of hair growth.

Get a portion of cream on the spatula, make a thick layer over the unwanted hair using the spatula and apply it in the direction of hair growth. Make sure that the entire area of unwanted hair is covered with the thick layer. To make the hair removal cream work more effectively, try using spatula to smooth the covering layer in order to give a fine completion to the cream.

Note the Time

Keep a watch or a stop watch by your side when applying the hair removal creams. It is quite important to take a note on time as some of the products carry different formulations and stronger chemicals that help the hair wipe off easily.

After the application of cream, note the time. Different creams require different timing to the hair to be removed. Usually, it is between 3 minutes to 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the hair. If the hair is thick in volume, give the cream 8 to 10 minutes for good results and if the hair are thin, remove the cream after 3 to 5 minutes.

It is highly recommended to take a note of timing to prevent skin infections.

Remove the Cream

After the time limit is finished, use spatula to remove the cream. But before that, remove the cream in a covering, if not wait for another minute or two.

How to Remove the Cream

Use the concave side of the spatula, and remove the covering in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Rinse with Cold Water:
After you have removed the cream, it is important to rinse the entire area with cold water in order to remove the cream completely.
Don’t Use Warm Water

After hair removal, don’t intend to use warm water, warm water will give birth to bacteria on the skin. While cold water will make the irritation lesser and will prevent infection.

Use a Moisturizer Afterwards

Wipe off the cleaned area with the towel to make it dry. In winters, the area might get dry because of the hair removal and opening of skin pores. Thus, it is recommended to use a moisturizer to fight the dryness and dullness of the skin.

Natural Home Techniques to fight Infection after Hair Removal

Usually, during the weather of rain or extreme cold, the skin is usually dry or is extremely oily in monsoon, it might leave some reactions or irritation to the skin even the cream is according to the skin type. Some home remedies will help you look after the skin.

Use Ice

The ice is proved to have natural characteristics of curing with infections and redness of the skin. Apply cube of ice to the desired area to reduce the irritation.

Use Skin Ointments

If the skin gets burn or the infection isn’t cured with the use of ice, use skin ointment creams to cure.

Use Mustard Mixture

If the ointment isn’t available or you have allergy to the chemicals, mustard oil with water will be an effective natural solution to the rash or infection on the skin.


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