How Often Should You Do a Deep Carpet Cleaning?

How frequently do you deep clean your carpets? Well, the answer might be once or twice in a year when you it starts giving off a stringent smell. You might clean your carpet regularly but vacuuming doesn’t actually count as deep carpet cleaning. Vacuums help lift off all the dust and other unwanted substance but it will not extract the dirt that resides deep within your carpet. Cleaning your carpets using hand steamers and expensive vacuums that can multi task is easy but not very effective when it comes to deep carpet cleaning and at some point you need the assistance of a professional.

Vacuuming will be able to remove around 70% of all the soil in the carpet but later at some point you will need to expel out the other 30%. Carpet cleaners are experts in extricating all unwanted dust buildup and blot removal. So, either let them handle the deep cleaning process or get yourself a proper guide to deep cleaning your carpet. Deep cleaning your carpet is not just to preserve the look of your carpet and bring out its real color that has become dull from the blots of food or dirt, but also to extend the life of your expensive carpet.

Dirt is one of the major factors that contribute in early carpet deterioration. You tend to bring sand particles with your shoes or feet from the outdoors, settle down in your carpet, causing a lot of restrictive friction as you walk. This ultimately leads to erosion of carpet fibers making it vulnerable to further damage. The appearance of your carpet gets worse because the carpet fibers that break down create bold spots over it. Moreover, deep carpet cleaning helps in eradicating dust mites that are tiny organisms feeding on our dead skin. Your carpet is made from a dense material which stays warm this is why it tends to collect dust, making it their best reside. Carpets are actually their best habitat so there is a great chance that you might inhale them. They are not that harmful but because their feces and body fragments are pollutants they can cause allergies and irritations in the nose. If you plan to steam clean your carpet for deep cleaning it will certainly kill the dust mites and remove the allergens from your carpet but it will become an incubator for mold growth. The moisture that sets in the carpet due to the steam can even rip the carpet fibers and wear it down.

You can’t actually imagine how much carpet. It is not only the things mentioned above that need cleaning; it is your pet hair and dander, mold spores and insect droppings etc. All of these things cause allergies that harm your airways making you sneeze, giving you a runny nose and other problems. What you don’t know is that if you don’t clean your carpet thoroughly and vacuum it with a rough hand, you can release those trapped allergens back into the air. Even people with sensitive skin can develop allergies due to whereas individuals who suffer from asthma and related conditions can get worse. You can deep clean your carpets with the help of special cleaning agents that can help in the removal of majority of these pollutants, improving your indoor air quality.

What most people don’t know is that almost all carpet companies require you to professionally steam clean your carpet every 12 to 24 months, so that your warranty stays intact. You should call in professional steamers at least after every six months to get rid of all the dirt and other substances from your carpet. Pet owners should do this much more frequently by calling these professional after every four to six weeks.

How often you deep clean your carpet depends on two things:

1. The type of carpet do you have

2. The kind of lifestyle do you have

Carpets that have short fibers can be cleaned relatively easily than those which have high layers of fluff or shag as the thickness accounts for a lot of dust build up. Carpets that are made up of organic, long lasting materials like wool instead of synthetic ones like nylon are not that challenging to clean. If you don’t use a room with a carpet that much then you can give it a little longer until you do deep cleaning but if there is a lot of traffic in a carpeted room then you might need to call in a qualified professional once in a year. Sometimes your house is located in an area that has a lot of soil and mud around it or a place that is close to a forest with a humid or moist climate. These kinds of places bring a lot of dirt and dust in the house. If this is the case then it is obvious that you need to clean your carpet very frequently.

Cooking oils are another contributor to carpet soiling and blot accumulation. Small drops of oil float around your house and settle in the carpet. Oil is a sticky substance and if your carpet is made of polyester or oleophillic fibers then there is a massive chance that the dirt will cling on to it immediately leaving marks on the carpet. So, if you do a lot of cooking then you should deep clean after every 9 months. If you have carpets near the fireplace and there is constant buildup of ashes, wood chips or soot you will need to conduct a deep cleaning session because this can easily discolor your carpet, damaging the overall quality. Moreover, if you are a party person and call in a lot of guests frequently to your house then it is quite obvious that you need through cleaning by professionals especially after the party. Vacuuming you house regularly will be the first solution but it will be more appropriate to send the carpets off for deep carpet cleaning.

Light traffic: If you vacuum your carpet once a week, then you should deep clean the carpet after every 12 to 18 months and execute restorative cleaning after every two years.

Normal traffic: If you have kids then you should vacuum that carpeted area once or twice a week and do deep cleaning after every 6 to 12 months. Schedule a restorative cleaning session at least once a year.

Heavy traffic: If you have pets, smoke indoors, or have a carpet in the dining room then you should vacuum 2 to 4 times a week, and conduct a deep cleaning session every 3 to 6 months and get it restored twice a year.

Extreme traffic: Families with a lot of member and numerous pets will require daily vacuuming. You will have to deep clean the carpet after every 2 to 3 months. Plan a restorative cleaning at least four times a year.

Your carpet might sometime smell funny, the odor comes because it is not cleaned since a long while. This odor is caused when your carpet stays wet for a long period of time. This is when you will need deep cleaning at least once a year. Although, home deep cleaning is not recommended but you can actually deep clean your carpet a little more frequently if you do it yourself. The results would not be similar to what a professional carpet cleaner might do. Manufacturers recommend that if you deep clean your carpet on your own then you should stick with dry methods only and leave the rest for the professionals. Deep carpet cleaning is expensive depending on the dimensions of your carpet. So, the criteria of how often you do it, depends on your budget too. If the process seems affordable you can have it twice in a year, otherwise you can do it less frequently.


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