How Professional Salons Create Fantastic Dreads?

Many people today decide to get dreads for a number of different reasons, which may be a form of expressing freedom, or rejection or spirituality. Although it might be possible for some to grow their own natural dreadlocks but a saloon can give you more gorgeous, healthy looking dreads quickly and easily with the help of professionals.

The Different Types of Salons Services for Dreads

Professional salons offer all its clients a wide range of services for dreads. Here’s a list of the more commons ones:

  • Starting Dreadlocks: are you are looking for help to kick off your dread formation? The expertise of a professional can help you start your dreadlocks. A few methods the professionals might make use of are the back combing technique or the hook technique or the crochet. All of these techniques may cost around $200 as they are labor intensive and can take a lot of time.
  • Dread Perm: The dread perm makes use of different chemicals and setting rollers to create an instant and elegant head of dreadlocks. On average the dread perm may cost around $200 to $300 and the perms may even require maintenance monthly or else they will start to unravel.
  • Dread maintenance: If your dreads start becoming fizzy or unraveling, saloon dread maintenance services will help make your dreadlocks look like new again. Professional saloon maintenance services may include crocheting, threading and latch hooking the dreadlocks to tighten them and applying moisturizing treatments on the hair to renew and clean the dirty and dry dreads.
  • Dread Extensions: Some professional saloons also offer dread extensions made out of synthetic or human hair. The extensions can be a great way to try the new dread look temporarily without going through any chemical processes. Extensions generally cost from $200 to $400.
  • Dreadlock Removal: If you finally decide to change your dreads, consult with a saloon professional on how to safely removal your dreadlocks without causing any damage to your hair. A beautician will provide you with the best tops to remove your dreads; however, you can even get them professionally removed that may cost only $100.

How do Professional Saloons make dreadlocks?

Using your own hair or synthetic hair, professional saloons create natural and amazing dreads of whatever shape, style, size or structure you desire without any nasty chemicals, sticky wax, mess or breakage of hair. A customer has complete control of deciding the shape and style of the dreadlock as well as where and how you want them to sit on your head. Most professionals working in saloons manually, using their own hands in splitting and knotting technique will give you the loose, basic and fluffy dread look you are looking for and then finally use a crochet hook to tighten your dreads giving your dreads a clean and smooth look. The cost of getting dreadlocks from a professional salon can be quiet daunting. The prices range from $100 to $6000 for the initial styling of dreadlocks. However, due to the range of different methods to get dreadlocks, the prices vary from salon to salon.

The final product of these professional saloons will be tight and neat dreads that looks fantastic on your. Make sure you opt for saloon that specializes in 100% natural dreads; however, some may even offer extensions for extra volume and length. To get dreads, you hair should be longer than five to ten centimeters and make sure you do not use conditioners for a while as well maintained hair takes more time to dread.

Alternative Methods of Making Dreadlocks That Should Be Avoided

The standard and common method of making dreads that is waxing and back brushing is time consuming, painful and often costly with no good results most of the time. Your dreads will not be instant and can take a lot of time to neaten and tighten. Ultimately, your dreads may start t shrink and you will soon want to change your hairstyle.

Wax is sticky in nature and attracts a lot of fluff and dirt. Sometimes the loaded fluff and dirt your dreads does not dislodge for a long time giving your hair a grubby, dull and greasy look. Moreover, wax even blocks the pores in your scalp that prevents your skin from breathing and make slow down your hair growing process and may even get on your face, scarf, clothes, pillow and etc.

Another common method that should be avoided to get dreads is wrapping your hair up n pipe cleaners tan dipping them in a toxic perming solution. The solution can lead to a lot of hair fall for a long time; however, chemical induced dreads may be full bodied, lustrous and natural looking but will cause a lot of hair damage.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Various Methods Of Getting Dreadlocks

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of some methods to start dreads so you can easily decide the right method for yourself.


Advantages: Your hair will start looking like dreads from the very first day and will reach maturity faster as compared to any other method. You can even control the shape and size of your dreads anywhere from smooth to thin and sexy dreadlocks. It is a natural method used by some of the professional salons.

Disadvantages: The initial dreading process will take a lot of effort and time. The way to back comb will be to make the dreads as tight and smooth as possible.

Dread Perming

Advantages: It gives you instant dreads and is not painful t all.

It’s a costly process involving the use of different harmful chemicals and requires maintenance worth $200 to $400 every month.

The twisting Method

Advantages: It’s an all natural process used by many professional salons and the cost is much lower than that of a dread perm process.

Disadvantages: This method only works best on African textured hair but can also be tired on Caucasian hair but the result may not be as good as you expected.

Why is it preferable to get dreads from Professional Salons?

While you may come across a million ways to get the dreadlocks over the internet by sitting at your home, it may not be advisable to do it yourself so you might not be aware of the damage it may cause to your hair. Whereas, on the other hand, getting dreads from a professional salon will not only give your desired look and style, but you can also benefit from tips and methods from an expert pr beautician to keep your dreads healthy looking and clean overtime. While it may be costly to get dreads from salons, but the process will be all worth it after you see the results. So get your appointment at a professional salon now to get the perfect dreadlocks instead of making mess f your hair at home.

Precautions for Professional Salon Dreads

Before you finally take a leap of faith and start growing your dreadlocks, make sure you select a salon that specifically caters to the maintenance, care and creation o dreads. The processes used to make dreads will have different results in different types of hair, and hence it is important for you to take with a professional or beautician before about what type of process you should opt for to get the results you are looking for. A dread professional will help you get the dreads you desire for and help you in keeping them healthy and keep and minimize the damage to your hair during the dread growth process.


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