How To Clean Vomit From Carpet?

Cleaning vomit (be it your own or someone else’s) is the worst cleaning job that you will ever find. Those who have small kids, pets and weak digestive systems know this only too well. The actual problem arises when someone vomits over a rug or carpet, which makes it very difficult to clean owing to the way rugs and carpets are woven. There are a number of ways to clean vomit from your carpets; this article has covered the easiest vomit cleaning methods which will make your lives easier and will allow to you relax even if you have to carry out this unpleasant chore on a regular basis. Have a look:

Cleaning vomit – step by step

This section will guide through a step by step way of cleaning vomit so it does not leave any stain or bad odor behind. Follow these steps to find that the process of vomit cleaning can be done in a much easier way as well.

Remove the bigger pieces from the pool of vomit that you are dealing with

Starting from the outside of the pool of vomit, you can use hard paper to scoop the bigger pieces of vomit and throw them away in garbage. It is recommended that you start from the outside so as to not to spread the entire thing more than it has actually spread. Do not rub the carpet where the vomit has landed otherwise you will make it harder to clean and there are chances that it will leave its bad odor behind. People also use spoons and spatula, but a number of people discard them and never use them again in their kitchens so we will not recommend using them, instead you should always use disposable products like paper and gloves which you can throw away after using them.

Shower the area with water

Once you have removed the bigger chunks of vomit from the pool of sick, you will find that the toughest part is over. Fill a spray bottle with cold water or even soda for better results and spray the contents of the bottle over the area where there is vomit. Once you have wet the area with the one of the liquids mentioned earlier, use a towel to blot and dab on small sections of the area to be cleaned. Make sure that you do not clean with a big towel all at once but use the towel in smaller portions.

Make your own vomit cleaner

To thoroughly clean the area with vomit you can make your very own vomit cleaner, which will not only remove the stains, but will also help you in getting rid of the bad vomit odor. Make a mixture of warm water, table salt, white vinegar and laundry detergent and clean the area with vomit with a kitchen sponge. Make sure to spread your cleaner all over the vomit stain and blot and rub it clean; keep a couple of towels handy as you may require more than one kitchen towel or sponge.

Rinsing away

Since you have used detergent in the previous step of cleaning vomit from your carpet, you will need to rinse that out as well. Excess detergent in carpet will affect it quality and will also attract more dirt which will require more cleaning on your part on a regular basis. To avoid this, rinse out all the excess detergent by flooding the area with warm water and drying it with pieces of towel. To completely remove the vomit (stains and odor) from the carpet make sure that you begin cleaning it while it is still wet.

In case you delay the cleaning process and the whole thing becomes dry you will need to use stronger products to get rid of the bad smelling stain on your carpet. Make a mixture of ammonia and warm water and use your kitchen sponge and dab the whole stain with this mixture. It will make the stain go away quickly and you will need to rinse the stain and dry it with some more clean towels again. What you need to keep in mind is that, ammonia may cause damage to the color of your carpet so check it on a hidden corner of your carpet before using it on the bigger area.

Controlling the bad odor of vomit

The smell of vomit causes bouts of nausea and even further vomiting to a number of people. While you are making sure that the stain goes away efficiently, focus on getting rid of the bad smell which may spread as well. For effective odor control, you will need to sprinkle a good quantity of baking soda on the vomit stain on your carpet. Since your carpet must be damp with all the wet treatment you have given it, the baking soda will form clumps, which is perfectly fine; you will now need to dig the clumps of baking soda in to the carpet and wait for the carpet to dry on its own (without any towels this time).

The process of drying may take several hours and you may even be required to leave it overnight for it to dry completely. Once that area dries out completely, vacuum it as the last step of cleaning your carpet.

While the above mentioned method uses all the products that you can easily find around your house, there are commercial vomit cleaning products as well. These products are not only very easily available, but also make the whole process very easy and quick. Through these products the stains of vomit from carpets are removed quickly and the smell can also be efficiently removed. While some products are known for their capability of removing the stains, while others are popular for their amazing odor controlling tendencies. A number of these commercial vomit cleaners work equally on both human and pet vomit.

These commercial carpet cleaning products works particularly well on upholstery, however they are slightly expensive so people tend to prefer home solutions for cleaning their carpets in case of vomit stains. The best home remedy for cleaning upholstery is to mix vinegar and water in equal proportions and dab on the stains to remove them. If you are dealing with vomit stains on hard surfaces like wood and laminate, you will simply need soap and water and rub vomit stains off these surfaces. For even improved efficiency you can mix some vinegar in this mixture and be surprised by the quick stain removal. For cleaning vomit stains from cement, linoleum, walls etc, similar strategy should be adopted.

Natural methods of cleaning vomit stains and controlling its odor

Make a paste of baking soda – This solution works equally better on clothes, rugs and carpets. What you need to do is begin by removing the bigger chunks if vomit from the pool of vomit. This should be followed by making of a thick paste of baking soda and water which should be roughly of the consistency of toothpaste. After rubbing this paste on the carpet or cloth with vomit stain, leave it on for a couple of minutes and let it work its magic. Afterwards, rinse it off with water and dry the area with a clean towel. In case the vomit stain is on clothes, you will need to make sure that the stain has been dealt with completely before putting it in dryer for drying.

Cleaning vomit stains with cornstarch, litter or baking soda – In case the vomit stain you are dealing with is on hard floors, you will simply a good amount of any of these products and spread it all over the stain. Let it sit on the area with the stain for a few minutes; it will soak all the liquid from the pool of vomit making your work so much easier. After it has soaked up all the liquid you can simply collect it and sweep it away. Later on spray the vomit stained area with a mixture of water and vinegar and wipe it down with a clean piece of towel.

One of the most popular ways of cleaning a vomit stained carpet is to make a cleaner with corn based ethanol, cleansers made of plants and natural bio cultures which are the most important ingredient of this cleaner. This is one of the most effective and easy to apply mixture which is used for cleaning vomit stains on carpets. Using this mixture will not only remove the stains very easily but will also control the odor of vomit which is a very unpleasant smell to have around your living space.

All of these methods are popular owing to a number of reasons which include affordability and easily available products. Since all of these are made by naturally existing products they do not harm the human body and its systems in anyway. You can easily find the ingredients for these products at home and take advantage out of them without affecting your health in any way.


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