How To Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts

With time, as healthy lifestyles are becoming a norm and modern technology is getting advanced, the cleaning industry is getting more competitive. A lot of new businesses in the industry are opening, increasing the competition in the market; using aggressive marketing strategies they are increasing the competition at a rapid pace. In such time, it is critical for professionals in the cleaning industry to match the pace of this growth.

If you are thinking of opening up a commercial cleaning company or already work in the industry, you need to learn new advertising practices to get more contracts and keep the business flowing. While this article focuses on commercial cleaning contracts, you can benefit from it even if you work in the residential area. If you manage to send out a positive word about your newly set up enterprise, you can get a number of contracts, which not only include the commercial clients but may also end up in getting you a number of potential residential contracts for your cleaning services.

Consider the following ways to market your business in your locality:

Spreading Word in the Local Community

Since cleaning businesses target the general public working in their many professions, you need to get involved with the people in your locality so they get to know about your business. No matter where they work or what they do, potentially everyone in your neighborhood can be your client. From now on, never miss a local charity event or a neighborhood meeting; it may be your chance to earn a new contract.

Being involved with your local community can help you form a strong network of potential contracts and be a strong way to advertise your business. Start working on stronger relationships in your area as a marketing strategy.

Through a Local Real Estate Agent

Your local estate agents and property managers can be one of the best ways to spread your cleaning business. They can help you to get commercial as well as residential contracts. If you manage to work with a real estate agent and build your rapport, they can refer your company to their clients and it can work for the best for both the parties.

Through their help, you can get cleaning contracts from apartment complexes, office buildings and other contracts of similar nature. Apartment complexes often give out their contracts to local companies and you never know when one of needs to hire a new cleaning company. Keep working through a real estate agent and improve your chances of getting new commercial contracts.

Bulletin Boards at Public Places

This is an efficient way make your business known in the local community. This will require you design catchy posters and flyers and ask for permission from your local supermarket to post them on their bulletin boards. Businesses from your locality would not need to look far if they want to hire the services of a cleaning company. They would simply get your details from the flyer and get in touch with you.

Posting your promotional flyers in public places combined with your networking practices can prove to be an amazing combination for advertising your business.

Create your Own Website

In today’s competitive business market, having your website can prove to be your best marketing tool, irrespective of the business you run. Through the above-mentioned means, you can easily target your local clients, however, having your own business website means that you can also target clients outside your local community without having to travel long distances.

Hire a web developer to help you with a website, which explains your business, the services you provide, what makes you stand out and is easy to navigate. Not having a website can make it difficult for you reach out to clients outside your community; this is a chance you absolutely do not want to miss.

Direct Mail

Opting for direct mail as your marketing strategy will require you to do a bit of research about businesses in your target area. Once you have a healthy number of businesses on your target list, you can send mails or post cards to them introducing your business; you may receive an unexpected response through this strategy as businesses often hand out cleaning contracts to local companies.

While you are at it, it is also advisable that you attach a discount coupon (with an expiration date) for the initial job, this may make them rush to you, and get you quicker cleaning contracts. Once they are satisfied with your first services, you will be in a perfect position to discuss a long-term contract with them.

Ads in Local Newspapers

This may sound old fashioned to today’s tech savvy entrepreneurs, but advertising your business through a newspaper can still get you successful contracts for commercial cleaning services. Newspapers ads will get you the attention of your potential clients in a relatively inexpensive way. Instead of advertising your business on any of the main pages, you can do so in the classified section of the paper; it is much less expensive and since people trust newspaper ads, the number of potential clients who contact you for commercial cleaning services will surprise you.

Word of Mouth

For those businesses, which have been around for a while, there is no advertising better than word of mouth of their satisfied clients. Since it is, without a doubt, the most authentic and reliable way of advertisement any business, you need to provide the best services to your clients and request them to refer it to those around them (however, if you have satisfied your customers, they will do it even without your saying so).

A business needs to be consistent in their services, because any negative comments about your business can travel even faster than a good word.

Hiring a Professional Sales Person

Advertising and marketing a new business can prove to be a tricky part, while you may be offering great services and support, it is your marketing strategy that will get you contracts at the end of the day. You may consider hiring a professional to handle the marketing of your business according to modern trends and practices in your area and in general.

While a professional marketing employee may be your best option, it is also important that you work on your targets as a team and avoid personal differences as much as possible.

Targeting Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes and other similar residential and commercial buildings usually hire cleaning companies and form long-term contracts with them. You can set up a meeting with the administration of any such complexes and discuss your options with them. If you have a good reputation with the local community and have seen many projects to your clients’ satisfaction, a long term, commercial cleaning contract with an apartment complex can be one of the best contracts you will ever get.

Every business needs a marketing strategy that is tailor made to cater its own vision and style, you can taste success by using any of the above-mentioned ways to get commercial cleaning contracts, or you may want to consider a combination of these marketing ways. The most important thing is to keep evolving your strategies over time so your business can maintain its name and keep up with the changing trends. In addition to this, it is also critical to keep up with the standard of your services to ensure complete customer satisfaction and a healthy reputation for your commercial cleaning business.


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