How To Rekey A Lock Instead Of Replacing It

After an act of break-in or a similar case of vandalism in your residential or commercial building, you as an inhabitant of that property may want ensure the security of your premises even better than last time. This can be achieved by either changing the entire locking system of your door, or you can simply rekey your lock and continue using the same lock. While many people may prefer changing the locking system after an act of violence, a cost effective way can be to rekey your locks, this way you will be saved a lot of cost and hassle.

Other than an act of vandalism, you may also consider rekeying your house doors if you have moved to a new place. You never know how many people had the access to these doors with the previous owner and might want to rekey them as an added precautionary measure.

If you choose to rekey your locking system, you can either a locksmith to do the job for you; however, you can also do it yourself and save the added cost that you would otherwise pay to the locksmith for his handyman services. While this article will discuss ways you can carry out the task of rekeying your locks yourself, below we have also mentioned when you should seek professional help for the job.

Why Hiring a Locksmith to Rekey your Locks a Better Option

Today the market has stormed with products that come with many technical complications and are attached to further security systems in houses or buildings in general. By hiring a locksmith you would be consulting a professional who is well aware of all the modern add-ons on all sorts of locking systems. If you are stuck with any such locking systems then not hiring a professional may mean damaging the system and than paying the cost to repair it.

Do-it-yourself – Rekeying Locking Systems

That being said, if the locking system you have at hand is of a simpler kind, like the ones that we generally see around houses, you may consider rekeying it yourself and save yourself from the hassle and extra cost of going to a handyman. In this article we have discussed how you can change rekey the locking systems on your cars and house doors if the need be.
Rekeying the Locks of your House

Follow these steps and rekey the locks on your house doors yourself:

Step# 1 – Get your rekeying kit

These kits are very easily available and either come with a set of lock pins or specially designed tools. These include plug followers, cylinder followers and ring removers. In case your kit does not have that many lock pins that you need, you can place an order for more.

Step# 2 – Detaching the Lock Face

Look in your tools you will a wire tool to detach the lock from where it is attached on the door. You will notice that your lock is gripped by a thin which enters a small hole.

Step# 3 – Removing the Lock Cylinder

You will find a tiny tube, usually made of brass, in your toolkit. By pushing this into the assembly you can remove the cylinder on your lock.

Step# 4 – Removing the Retainer Ring on the Cylinder

In order to pull the retaining ring apart from your lock cylinder, there is a wrench shaped tool in your toolkit. Keep the retaining safe as you will need it when you are reassembling your door’s lock at the end of the process.

Step# 5 – Taking the Cylinder Plug out

In this step you need to pry apart the pins on the upper and lower parts of the lock. Use your old key to make them come lose. You will need to insert the plug follower into the lock cylinder and remove the lock’s plug by putting on some pressure.

Step# 6 – Removing the Pins on the Old Lock

The lower pins on your lock resemble the shape of a bullet and the pointed ends are of different sizes. These are ends that touch the key.

Step# 7–Inserting the New Key in your Lock

When you insert the new key in your lock the springs will be pushed out and will end up making way for the pins of your new lock.

Step# 8–Inserting the New Pins in your Lock

In this step you will need to follow a chart that indicates the position of each pin to be inserted in the lock. It is recommended that you either use needle-nosed pliers and a tweezers to make gripping and inserting the pins easier. In the end, make sure that pins are aligned with your new keys and can be inserted easily in the new lock

Step# 9–Reassembling your New Lock

This is the last step of the process. Here, you replace the retaining ring and cylinder plug before replacing the lock’s cylinder into the face of the lock. Now you can put it into its place by attaching it to your door.
Make sure that you click the key a couple of times to test if the process went well. If you followed these steps exactly as we have mentioned then you should not have any problems with your newly re-keyed door.

Changing the Locks of your Car

The following steps will guide you through rekeying the doors of your car, have a look:

Step# 1–Removing the Car Lock

Rekeying your car locks generally depends on the make and model of your car and also whether the lock that needs rekeying is of the door, ignition or trunk of your car.

Step# 2–Detaching the Inner Tumbler from the Lock

After you have successfully removed the lock on your car you need further remove the inner spring and the end cam. This will be followed by inserting the key into your lock tumbler and push any pins apart from the walls of the cylinders. Later, from the backside, push the cylinder out.

Step# 3–Replacing the Old Pins with New Ones

The replacement pins that you need for your tumbler come in sets and are of varying sizes with a number that indicates their size and type. By making sure that the new pins are not longer in size than the tumbler, replace these new pins with the old ones.

Step# 4 – Testing the New Key

It might happen that the new pins take some time to run properly, however, they should still be smooth when you turn them to either lock or unlock the car door.

By following the above mentioned steps you can easily rekey the locks on your house doors and cars if you have recently encountered a violent act or if you are suspicious that something may happen in future. It is always good to take precautionary measures instead of letting an incident happen before securing your premises in a better and more effective method.

These steps guide you through the complete process of rekeying locks yourself, and will let you save a lot of money that you may spend on hiring a locksmith. It is highly recommended that if you have recently moved houses and you are unaware of the number of people who may have had access to the house keys with the previous owner, that you rekey your locks instead of replacing the entire locks. This is cost efficient and rather quick manner of securing your property against any intruders.


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