How To Remove The Smell Of Dog Urine

Has your pet dog accidentally peed inside the house making it difficult for you to stay inside due to the odor? Dog urine can be a huge problem for pet owners. The offensive odor can overtake even the toughest noses. The reason odor will become stronger is because dogs tend to urinate repeatedly on the same spot. A dog’s sense of smell is extreme. So it is important to effectively clean up the area making sure to remove any smell because simple cleaning up the urine is not enough to deter the pet from returning. The task sure sounds tough but can be solved quite easily.

We have an all-natural remedy for you for cleaning dog urine odor and stains. The best part is that is it really inexpensive as compared to commercial products and work well. The recipe works even if the urine has dried and old and the smell is lingering.


Baking soda

Liquid dishwashing detergent

White vinegar

3% hydrogen peroxide

Lemon essential oil

Empty spray bottle

Cleaning up dog urine can be difficult when carpets are involved because both the urine and liquid cleaner will soak through the fibers of the carpet to the floor beneath. While you clean the surface, the urine moves farther out of reach.
Depending on the size of area affected you might need to double or triple the recipe. Only make what you are going to use and dispose off any leftover formula, never leave any in the bottle. Although this is a natural solution, you are mixing together ingredients that could have a reaction if left to sit.

As with any other product, always test on a small area of carpet, furniture or hard wood to make sure that this formula doesn’t react negatively with your objects.


If the urine is fresh and the area is still wet, first try to absorb all the dog urine possible.You need to get rid of as much urine as possible before you apply the solutions.Leaving even a bit will cause it to dry up and encourage bacterial growth, thereby making it difficult to clean and smell more. First place a wad of newspaper under the carpet as to not destroy the flooring. The best way to dry it up is by using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. If you do not have access to a wet/dry cleaner, the alternate method is to place a lot of tissue papers or paper tower over the affected area, and stamp on it as to soak as much urine as you can in the paper towel. Repeat this step several times so that no traces of dog urine are left, or till the paper stays dry when pressed.

If you have a feeling that there may be dried urine elsewhere too, you can very easily figure it out using a black light. A black light is easily and inexpensively available in hardware shops. Close all the lights and curtains in the room and switch on the black light. The dog urine stains will be fluorescent under the ultra violet light in the dark room. Of course even if you don’t have a black light, you can just get on your knees and smell the crap out of your carpet, or floor, sniff and fine the urine odor that way. Mark the areas that have urine spots on them.


Make a solution by mixing equal amounts of water and white vinegar. Fill the solution in a spray bottle and use it to spray the effect area generously. Dab the solution on the carpet with your fingers or a sot brush to ensure that it penetrates even the carpet fibers underneath.

Then use paper towels to blot the area to absorb off any vinegar and water mixture. This solution will neutralize away the ammonia in the urine. It will become powder like when dried.If you can get hold of a dry/wet vacuum cleaner, use it to remove any excess moisture and dry it up.


When the area has dried completely, sprinkle a handful of baking soda on the soiled area.

Next, mix a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and lemon essential oil. You will need plain dishwashing liquid for this purpose not the one that you use in your dishwasher. also, take special care not to use hydrogen peroxide that is more than 3% in strength. Stronger strengths tend to bleach the area.


Pour the dish washing detergent and 3 % hydrogen peroxide solution over the baking soda. You can also use a spray bottle to spray the mixture over the affected area. Then dab this baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and detergent mixture on the carpet very well so that it is absorbed till the fiber of the carpet underneath. Make sure to wear a glove if you are using your fingers or do it with a brush.

Allow the area to dry up completely and then vacuum it to remove any traces of baking soda. This will totally clean the affected area and absorb any smell making your room smell fresh and free of urine odor.

Alternatively you can use ready-made cleaners. The best odor erasing cleaners are enzymatic. Since enzymes are protein, they are effective in removing odors. When used in cleaning, they break down molecules responsible for odor and stain. Because they destroy the root cause, enzymatic cleaners are more effective than other cleaners in removing dog urine odor. These cleaners are readily available at your nearby pet supply stores.

Once you have successfully removed any dog urine odor and have clarified the affected area, Find a method to deter your dog from returning to that area or have your dog house trained. You need to ensure that dog won’t urinate inside the house anymore. It will be impossible to remove the entire odor if it is an ongoing problem. So make training your first priority.
If your dog is grown up and still has this problem, let him/ her outside more frequently to urinate and poo. When he does it outside reward him with a treat and praises! Alternatively you can also install a dog floor.

When the dog is inside the house, place him/ her on the area which is uncarpeted and let him in areas which have absorbent training pads.


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