How to Train Your Dog

Officially tipped as “Man’s best friend’, dogs are adored and admired for their unmatched loyalty, playful ebullience and endless love for us. They are the ones who turn our bad mood around and make us happy. If you are thinking of adding a dog to your life and concerned that you might not be able to cope up with him, then no need to worry! Just go through these simple tips to start training your loyal canine companion.

Which dog should I choose?

First things first. Choose a dog that suits your way of life and not go against it. For example if you want a dog that is hyper active, you might not want to think about a bull dog. Do research for different types of dogs and choose the one that suits best your lifestyle.

Controlling Dog’s behavior

All techniques and procedures included in the training of dog come down to one thing-are you able to control dog’s behavior or not? If you wish to influence your dog’s behavior then you must follow this golden principle: remember to reward your dog when it shows actions you like and it is quite essential to do the opposite as well. Actions which result in a reward will be repeated by the dog more often than the others.

Give proper time daily for training

It’s your dog and you want to train it and that can’t happen without you devoting at least 20-25 minutes daily. Try to be upbeat in that time. Be encouraging, rewarding, firm and kind. And this is not the only time you will be training your dog. Don’t forget that a dog learns mostly by interaction and letting it completely on his own outside of training period lets the dog away.

Training the dog to come to you

After you have choose a good name for the dog, try to train it to respond to you when you say its name. Remember, patience is a key factor in this whole dog-learning thing. Try to teach him in different locations, so it can respond to you in different environments. And don’t forget it to give it a reward for responding to you!

Teaching the dog to sit

Teaching the dog to sit when told is an elementary obedience all dogs should learn. And again this does not happen without showing patience. One tip is to take food in your hand, say “Sit!” and guide it to sit position. Then place the food in your pocket and make it stand again. Again tell it to sit with the food is still in your pocket. You may have to do this many times a day, probably for a few days or so. When it eventually does sit, maintain a happy expression on your face, pat him and give the food to it. The dog may well take a little time to master this sitting technique.

Teaching the dog to do a high five

After the dog has learned the sitting part, teaching it to do a high five isn’t much of a rocket science. Besides, it looks really cool. When the dog is sitting, hold food in one hand in front of it but slightly out of reach. While kindly taping his feat, say “High Five!” repeatedly. Most dogs will lift their hand to take food from your hand. As it is lifting its hand, grab it with your free hand and then give dog the treat and tap it on its back. You have to do this a lot to enable your dog to do high five without the food in your hand.
From waiting for you at the front door to keeping you and your house safe, affection and love of dogs for you is boundless. So, even if these steps seem a little hard some time, remember the reward for them. Oh, and good luck with dog training!


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