How To Use Boric Acid For Roach And Pest Control?

When you move to a new house or apartment you will notice that there are no roaches and other similar insects around until you start cooking on a regular basis. Ever wondered why is it so? It is because before you started using your kitchen regularly they did not have a reason to come out and spread all over your place. Food items, especially leftover food of the previous night are attractive to cockroaches and are the main reason that they start waging a war all over your house.

There are a number of ways with which you can combat these effectively, most of them require you to use commercially made products which contain deadly chemicals which, while killing the roaches also have an adverse impact on human health. You need to be particularly careful if you have small children in your house as these chemical products affect them most severely.

To avoid such health issues, we have included a fail safe remedy for ridding your house of roaches and pests effectively. The best thing about this strategy is that it kills them in large numbers while making sure that you and your family remains safe from any harmful effects of chemical products.
How do you combat these roaches and pests?

Generally, people start using insect killing products or chemicals which while effectively kill cockroaches, are also harmful when it comes to human health and can cause a number of health issues. Killing all the roaches and pests in one shot is not possible and using chemical products over and over again can increase the harmful effects they leave on human health. While spraying insecticides on them may work but it also speeds the process of producing more eggs in females; the newly hatched roaches get immune to the substances that killed their mothers and those chemical can have a negative impact on your own health.

An alternative to chemical products is using baits to kill these roaches in large numbers. What a lot of people do not know about cockroaches is that they never share their food others as they are not social, so taking the food items they find around your kitchen back to their harborages to share with others is never going to happen. Also, it has been reported that cockroaches cannot be fooled by commercial baits any more. Pesticides only work for as long as the roaches at hand do not become immune to them. Using pesticides on cockroaches and pests which have become immune to them does more harm than good as the chemicals these pesticides are composed stop working on roaches and start causing health issues to the residents of the house. Products which are packed with man-made chemicals are best avoided.

Your last and may be the best alternative is to use a natural chemical which these roaches and pests cannot build immunity to. When it comes to naturally existing roach killers, Boric acid can be your best solution as it is the most effective product that kills them in large numbers. You need to take care of a couple of things before this magical product can work its wonders in an efficient manner. For starters, make sure that there are no food particles on the floor and no leftover food in the kitchen. Also, make sure that all your pipes are intact and there are leaks and cracks in them to let water out; cockroaches thrive in water.

After you have taken care of the above mentioned points, your boric acid remedy will work to the best of its efficiency.

How best to use boric acid?

The best way use boric acid is to spread a thin layer of it on the surfaces where you are sure that roaches will pass. Before you start spreading the layer make sure that you have protective hand gloves on to protect your hands from it. While, boric acid is not harmful to your skin, it is still better to use gloves as a precaution.

In addition to the hand gloves you will also need a few pennies to put inside the bottle the boric acid has come in. This will help you to shake the bottle better. Open the bottle enough to slip the pennies in the bottle of boric acid. Now when you shake the bottle you will notice a fine mist inside the bottle which is the only amount of the powder that you need. Shake it on the surfaces where you think the roaches will be able to access it. Repeat this process on other surfaces and wait it to work its magic.

What to avoid?

It is very important that you spread the boric acid in a very fine layer; avoid piling the boric acid think thick piles. This will make it easier for the roaches to see and they will avoid it easily.

Affect of boric acid on cockroaches

When the cockroaches pass by the thin layer of boric acid, it will get stuck to their bodies and cause damage to them. The damage caused to the roaches and pests by boric is of two types; due to its crystalline nature, boric acid damages the exoskeleton of cockroaches which is their characteristic feature and protects them from environment. Cockroaches like to keep themselves clean; in the process of rubbing the boric acid off their bodies it gets inside their digestive systems and tends to cause severe dehydration.

How long does it take for the boric acid to work?

After coming into contact with the boric acid, adult cockroaches die within 72 hours while the younger once take about 48 hours before dying. After coming in contact with the thin boric acid layer, cockroaches change their schedules; while normally they come out at night and in places which are dark, after coming into contact with boric acid, you will see them out of their hide outs even in broad daylight. Instead of their normal routes on the corners of rooms, they start roaming everywhere.

Where to begin?

Look for cockroaches who have gathered around a certain point; there will surely be a harborage nearby. Usually they congregate near food and water sources so look around similar places. Start using the boric acid around cracks between cupboards and walls and fill them up by silicon. Also spread the boric acid behind your refrigerator and other permanently installed appliances around your house.

Do not ignore your bathrooms

Bathrooms are also some of the ideal harborages for cockroaches; seal any cracks and crevices and ensure that water does not leak out of cracks as cockroaches thrive on water. Keep your walls, sink and floors clean. Do not leave anything products uncapped as they will go inside tubes and bottles and eat them.

Mistakes while using Boric Acid

This section will cover a couple of common mistakes that people tend to make when they use boric acid to kill pests and roaches around their houses. Have a look and avoid them for effectively using it:

Never place boric acid at one place in a large quantity

It is critical that you use it in a minimal amount as your cockroach will avoid walking over the mound if there is space around it to move about. Make sure that you have spread it around in a thin layer which is barely visible by eye so the roaches which are to be killed cannot see it and walk over it.

Avoid using it in wrong places

Using boric acid all over your house will be useless if you miss out on the exact spots where their harborages are located. Strategically place it around the areas that are frequented by the cockroaches to ensure maximum impact. Best places to spread boric acid are around the dark areas where there are cracks in the walls, behind appliances especially the ones which are permanently fixed. Also, place them near the spots where you generally put your leftover food before discarding it. They are particularly found near water sources and leftover food items.

Cockroaches are not usually found in pairs; if you find a couple of them roaming around your kitchen note that there are many harborages housing them nearby. To find their hideouts, look closely around the water sources in your bathrooms and kitchen and use boric acid strategically to get rid of their infestation.

Cockroaches generally come out during the night and in dark places, if you find them freely moving about in day time, you must have a very serious infestation in your home. To effectively remove them, you can use this boric acid technique in addition to other methods and sort the problem out in quicker time. While there are a number of ways which you can use get rid of them, it is very important that the methods that you use cause no harm to you and your family members. The method mentioned in this article is one of the safest ways to get rid cockroach infestations from around your house.


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