Professional Tips for Cleaning Wool Rugs

Vacuuming a carpet is never enough because a lot of dirt is missed by the vacuum cleaners. However you will be surprised to learn that the best cleaning methods are really simple. First of all prevent how much dirt gets in the carpet. You can restrict the use of shoes indoors. It is really important to have a vacuum cleaner that is easy to use. The best practice for cleaning a rug is to roll it up and take it for cleaning. For cleaning wall to wall carpets steam cleaning or hot water extraction techniques can be used. Cleaning the carpets and rugs yourself is good as long as you don’t leave them wet for too long or use too much cleaner.

Key Concepts for Spot Cleaning

Blotting is a great technique to take care of the spill as trying to rub the stain out will forces the spill into fibers and cause them to mat. Blot by covering the area with a thick pad or paper towels or a clean towel. Press down with the palm of your hand and until all the liquid has been absorbed keep repeating it. If the spill is large then before blotting use a wet dry vacuum to remove most of the liquid.

You can also use soapy water to clean your carpet. You can use less than ¼ teaspoon of clear dish washing soap per quart in water.

Mist the area with clean water to remove the color stains or blot it with wet towel. Then the area should be blotted with dry towel. Avoid rubbing the area because it will cause the fabric to matte.

How to clean your carpets.

Cleaning your carpet is very important as whatever goes in the carpet comes out of the carpet and this dust is not good for your health. To maintain a healthy lifestyle it is necessary to keep your carpets cleans so that you can enjoy the fresh air at home. Different techniques are used to clean different types of carpets as everyone has its own needs to be treated accordingly.

Starting with synthetic carpet, the routine caring will include the vacuuming in multiple directions which will remove the grit. Using beater brush and changing the bag when it’s half full will increase the efficiency. A sticky spill traps the soil and can cause the discoloration of the area on the carpet. Clean it with misty warm water and blotting. Wall to wall carpets are best cleaned using the professional steam cleaning and if you want to clean your carpet at home you can always use the extraction machines of the rental companies as they are more powerful than the ones offered by supermarkets. Test the cleaning solution before using. You can test them by adding few drops into a utensil and allowing it to evaporate. If the residue is sticky then you should change the cleaners. You should dry the carpets using air conditioning or fans.

For wool carpet the routine will be the same, vacuuming, but avoid using rotary brush for this type of carpets because the yarn may fuzz but using a floor can help. Similarly blotting and using misty warm water can clean the liquid spills. Never use highly alkaline cleaner such as ammonia because it can damage the fabric of carpet.

Deep cleaning of such delicate carpets are not advised at home because these delicate fibers can hold more water than synthetic ones which makes them really heavy and hard to dry and most of the cleaners now a days are alkaline which can ruin the fabric.

For Plant type carpet same vacuuming techniques are used for daily routines. The best way to remove grits on these carpets is to use the beater brush. When it comes to stains the Plant carpets are less stain resistant as compared to other carpets and as a result you have to be very careful with the way you treat the stain. You need to dry the damp area by blotting or using a fan on low heat. Depp cleaning the Plant carpet will require to use the dry methods only.

Methods to remove stains

These are the remedies which do not break down the dyes or take off the protective coating of the carpets unlike some commercial spot removers. But be sure to follow the instructions like blot soapy water and rinse.

For stains such chocolates, berries, candies, gravy, ice cream, organic blood, soft drinks, and coffee. You can use any cleaners such as Hydrogen Peroxide which bleaches these stains without damaging the fabric of the carpet.

Technique: Buy 3 percent of the full strength solution from the drug store, the solid particles should be scooped and liquid should be blotted and rinsed and if the improvement stops then you can dab on the Hydrogen Peroxide and wait for an hour and repeat if necessary.

In case of mud just allow the mud to dry off and scoop the particles and use hydrogen peroxide if needed.
For stain types such as cough syrups, soy sauce, mixed drinks, water color paint an acidic ketchup you should use alkali cleaners such as ammonia which neutralizes the acidic spills.

Technique: pour 1 tablespoon in ½ cup water and mix it. Never use this mix on the wool carpet as it will destroy the wool fabric. Scrap the solid particles with sharp object and blot the liquid spills. After that apply the ammonia mix using a saturated towel or a spray and rinse the extra area. After that clean it with soapy water and rinse. Repeat the process.

For stain types such as alkaline cat urine or beer you can use a cleaner which is mildly acidic and neutralizes the alkaline spills. White vinegar can be used as a cleaner.

Technique: Mix one cup of white vinegar in one cup of water and blot the area of spill and rise it. Rinse the area with the soapy water if the stain persists. Apply the vinegar solution with the saturated towel or the hand spray on the affected area an blot with dry towel an d rinse it after that. Repeat the process if the stain persists.

For Oily, waxy asphalt and tar, metal polish, hand lotion,makeup, ballpoint ink and wax and crayon stains you can use Rubbing Alcohol which is a mild dry cleaner and can dissolve the waxy or oily materials easily. As compared to solvents in commercial spot removers it is much safer.

Technique: Scrap off and blot up the area as much possible. You can transfer the wax by putting a brown paper towel on the affected area and ironing on warm. After that apply the alcohol on the area and gently rub it with clean towel. Keep repeating the process until the clean towel stays clean even after rubbing it on the surface.

For special type stains such as the chewing gums, rust and the nail polish.

Technique: For chewing gum freeze the area with the help of ice. Once the chewing gum freezes it breaks into bits and you can pick them off and if it doesn’t work you can buy a spray that freezes gum from local drug store.
For rust scrap it off a little and apply soapy water to the area and rise it. If the stain persist call the professional who will be to help you out as he will have access to more powerful cleaners. For Nail Polish you can use a nail polish remover that is no oily and you can dab that on the area with a cotton ball. Blot and repeat the process until the stain is removed.


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