Spare Keys And Where To Have Them Made?

There was a time when to get a spare meant that you had to visit your locksmith and give him the details of the key that you want to have a duplicate copy. The process of making the duplicate key was labour intensive as it needed a lot of hard work on locksmith’s behalf. Locksmith had to make sure that job was done correctly. The locksmith had to grind and mould the key according to your needs so that the duplicate key fits perfectly in your lock. But now with the advancement in technology the industry of duplicate key making has also evolved to meet the needs of the new generation. The new technology and efficient machines have revolutionized the way the duplicate keys are made these days. Now a day when you get locked out of your own car or even house, you still need a professional for sure but now with the advancement of duplicate key making techniques the process is less complicated and less time is required which means you can get back in your car or house more quickly. The internet has also had an impact on this profession and now many duplicate key making services are available online which is lot less of a hustle as the duplicate key is just a click of button away or in some case a touch! There are some lovely tip to help you to decide where to get your spare key made , depending on what situation you are in.

Spare House Keys and where to get them

If you just need spare keys for your home, there are many option that you can chose from. It all depends on your taste as they all serve the same purpose that is providing you with the best quality spare keys. Nowadays spare keys are easily available as the semiautomatic and fully automatic machines have made the process of making the duplicates a lot quicker and easy and not only that but also cost effective too. Many places such as the big hardware stores, airport concession and dry cleaners offer services to cut spare keys for you. Nowadays you can also find online duplicate keys making services. They ask you to send them the photo of your key and they make that key for you and you get the fresh duplicate key in your mail in few days. There are even apps available that offer these services and make the process more streamline.

Spare Car Keys and where to get them

Nowadays there are three main types of keys that being used by the car owners which mean three different kinds of services are required to make duplicate keys for the cars. The older cars come with mechanical locks which means it has a metal key while the newer cars come with a smart lock key that has a transponder which communicates with the on board computer chip of the car in order to unlock the car. While there is some other cars that have electronic control key mechanism that is required to both unlock as well as start the car. In case of older car, a locksmith can make a spare key of that car as it is only a metal key just like any other key. If it’s a spare key, then it will be relatively cheaper than the one that will be made by locksmith in case if you lose your original key because that the locksmith will have no choice but to dismantle the lock. In case of electronic keys you will have to take the VIN of car to dealership and they will match the key for you and give you a spare key and that are the only option for you in case of modern cars as it is a security requirement.

Locked yourself out of the House tips

If you have locked yourself out of your house and you don’t have any spare keys, then that means you have to call the locksmith who offers emergency services. The locksmith will pick your lock so that you can get inside your house. He will then offer services based on the type of your lock. If you have a cylinder lock, then that means he can easily re key you lock and make some new keys for your lock accordingly this will be a hassle free process. He can also create spare keys if you have the original key at home relatively easier and cheaper solution but in case if you have lost the original key and you don’t even have any spare keys at home and you don’t have a cylinder lock then that means that you are out of lock because there are only two options left for the locksmith one of which is that he or she will have to make matching keys for your lock but it is advised not to do so because the keys can get out there and anyone can have those keys. The other solution includes locksmith changing your locks entirely with the new ones. This is an expensive option and troublesome option.

Locked out of your car tips

There are two scenarios where you can find yourself locked out of your car. It has happened to all of us at one point of our life that we found ourselves outside our cars with no keys in hand. If you are locked out of your car and you forgot the keys inside, then all you need to do is to call the emergency auto locksmith. The job of the emergency auto locksmith is to pick the lock of your car so that you can get inside your car and have access to your car keys that were left inside the car. In case if you have lost your keys and are locked outside your car then the auto locksmith can help you not only to get you inside the car but he can also make the duplicate keys for you so that you don’t have to call him every time you want to go for a ride. However, there is a catch for the owners of modern cars as these cars have electronic lock controls and they need the specific key to unlock and in some case to even start the car. In that case you are in a trouble however you are not completely out of luck as you can always take your car VIN to the dealership of that car company and they will provide you with the spare keys.

Losing your keys is very inconvenient and stressful however the advancement in the modern day technology has made it more convent and easy for us to order and get a spare key. These techniques have made the process easier and quick. However, you can always avoid this hassle by not getting locked out your car or house, which is really simple in its own accord as you can always hide a spare key near your front door similar is the case with car as you there are special spare key hiding compartments however you have to be very careful and you have to think really smart because you can’t put keys in places that obvious and thieve might look in those places. So you need to out-think them and not only keep your car safe but also keep yourself free from stress when you find yourself lockout side your car. In addition to that have a locksmith already preselected is always a good idea.


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