Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

In today’s competitive market having a well oiled marketing strategy is very important for your business’s growth. A number of large and small businesses keep researching ways of enhancing their marketing strategies and ways to spend their resources for the purpose in a manner which multiplies into huge profits. While the traditional means of marketing are still very important, a number of businesses today are also aiming for an advertising strategy which keeps up with the modern trends of advertising s well. In addition to other advertising campaigns these businesses also make sure to have an active Facebook presence as it has a number of features and advantages which are one of a kind and prove to be extremely cost effective.

This article has covered the top ten benefits that your business can get from an active Facebook presence through the advertising features that they offer.

Exceptional exposure for your business

A lot of people today use a number of social networking sites, out of which Facebook has a very high popularity owing to the features they continue to add and experiment with. For some time now Facebook has become more than a mere social networking platform; a number of businesses use it as a means to advertise their businesses and these include small businesses and also large internationally famous brands. Because of the number of people using Facebook regularly, you can reach a very large audience in a very short span of time and with almost no money spent. Including Facebook in your business’s marketing strategy means that you are reaching more than 1 billion people who are among active Facebook users. Since it is the second most visited website on the Internet, you can imagine the exposure your business can get through it. It is for this remarkable exposure that businesses today incorporate Facebook in their advertising strategy.

Targeting a particular audience

Facebook has been evolving its features and every now then comes up with a feature which really
stands out and is very functional. One of such outstanding features that Facebook has introduced is that it offers targeted advertising for business pages and posts ads on the pages which are used to using specific keywords and are also on other pages with a similar theme. With a page on Facebook you can actually track down users who are fall in a particular age group, range of personal interest and other such details and post your ads on their profiles. This way you are more likely to reach for the audience who has an interest in the type of the business that you are dealing with. This is a great way to remain focused with your marketing strategy and prevent any resources from going in vain in areas where you may not receive the same level of exposure.

Creating your business’s Facebook fan page

Owing to the type of competition businesses today have to deal with, it is very important that you keep customer loyalty as one of your highest preferences. Many small and big businesses have their Facebook pages simply to interact more efficiently with their customers. You can post about any new promotional activity that you may be having or you can also address the grievances of your customers in a quicker way through your Facebook page. No matter now great your products or services are, if you fall short on customer service or on addressing your customers’ questions in time, you may have a very high risk of losing them to other businesses of the same type. Through your Facebook page and the number of features they have introduced for the sole purpose of advertising your businesses, you can have a very well developed customer relations department which is sure to have a very positive influence on your business.

Offer special promotions

While Facebook offers a range of effective features for business marketing and adverting, using them in a creative manner to engage more and more users is at the hands of the business which is handling the page. For your Facebook page to be active and running, it is important that people are aware of its existence and keep on visiting it for more; you can achieve this by offering special promotional activities designed only for the users who are connected to you via your Facebook fan page.

Introducing new promotional campaigns and providing regular updates about your products or services through your page is the best way to reach out more and more users and keep them hooked up to your page. By introducing offers only for the users who are on your Facebook page, you can more users to ‘like’ your page making your circle wider and helping you reach out to many more users.

Facebook ads

Owing to Facebook’s continuous improvising and introduction of user friendly features it has become a popular means of marketing and advertising compared to other similar platform – it is even more popular than Google AdWords. While Google AdWords is an efficient platform, it still limits the users in a number of ways, whereas Facebook ads seem to be a lot more flexible and user friendly in their approach. With Facebook ads you are not limited by length of the ad as it offers an additional character length for you to increase the description for your product or service; Google AdWords does not have such a flexible feature. With Facebook ads you can also incorporate image-based ads to promote your business and make them catchier rather than using only text which is harder to stand out because of obvious reasons.

Engaging your audience

Owing to the large number of people who are active Facebook users, you can benefit from the ages old marketing strategy which is ‘the word of mouth’. When you market your business through Facebook and back it up with exceptional customer services, the users tend to share this information with others which actually helps you with your marketing strategy. The users can comment about your services and they even share any promotional campaigns which may be of any interest to their friends and do your job of spreading the word around. Your Facebook page can help you in ensuring better customer engagement for your business by always being connected with them.

Multiple ad views

Facebook’s ad features also support viewing of multiple ads which means that your ad has a better chance of appearing multiple times on a user’s profile increasing its chances of it being seen more than once by the users. What adds to the efficiency of this feature is that a number of users who are active on Facebook log on to the website more than once a day and they will be able to see the ad for your business every time they access Facebook. This feature for multiple views of an ad also adds to the functionality of Facebook ads in comparison with other advertisement platforms.

Variety in payment modes

In addition to all these efficient marketing features, Facebook also stands out from other advertising platforms on the basis of the range in payment modes that it offers to its advertisers. You can choose CPC or CPM payment structures according to your preference. Advertisers can also purchase their ad space on either an impression based or a click based payment structure. The advantage of this flexibility is that advertisers can build up their campaigns based on the budget that they have set for their marketing strategy. In addition to that they can also consider other preferences before they sign up for a particular payment mode.

Facebook advertising is affordable

Many businesses today incorporate Facebook advertising in their marketing strategy in addition to other conventional and modern marketing techniques. The reason businesses in such a large number have started their Facebook pages is that it is really affordable and even inexpensive to carry out your business advertising through Facebook. Owing to the fact that you can reach out to targeted audience through your Facebook page has made this practice entirely cost effective as no resources go in vain over users who may never become your customers. Through Facebook’s impression based ad campaigns, advertisers can choose to expand their campaign to the extent that their budget allows them.

Reaching users through their smart phones

Smart phones have revolutionized today’s market in more than one ways. A lot of people today access Facebook and other social networking platforms through their smart phones and find desktops and laptops to be a hassle. Facebook has kept up with the trend and made their platform smart phone friendly and works in a seamless manner on most phones. Advertisers who choose Facebook as their advertising platform can make the most of this innovation which has made their businesses more accessible to users globally as they can now access Facebook through their smart phones, increasing the scope for business advertisement. As smart phones make the process of logging on to Facebook handier, it has a direct impact on the promotion of any business that uses Facebook to advertise their products or services.


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