Top Ten House Cleaners And Their Functions

There is a wide range of house cleaning products which perform a number of functions around your house. All of them can be easily purchased from the market; while they do not cost much, they tend to make your housework a lot easier. This article will cover a list of top ten house cleaning tools and products that are a must-have when it comes to keeping your living space spotless, sparkling and shiny. With an added aid of these effective tools you will find that maintaining your house has become a relatively easier job. As each of them is designed to perform specific functions, using them will result in quick cleaning and more efficient cleaning. While cleaning needs of each household may vary significantly, the cleaning tools mentioned in this article will surely cover all the basic cleaning jobs that are required around a household. So whether your house has hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpeting, you will definitely find the solution you are looking for here:

Clorox Clean-up

Are you tired of cleaning those stubborn stains in your kitchen and bathroom? Here is the magic product that will end all your cleaning worries around your house; Clorox Clean-Up is one of the best cleaning products when it comes to getting rid of all those unsightly stains around your kitchen and bathroom. Not only that it is a great cleaner when it comes to efficient cleaning of your bathroom and kitchen, it is also popular owing to its amazing germ killing ability. These germs tend to be the prime cause of bad odors around your house. With Clorox Clean-up, you will have a healthy and clean household because of its disinfectant qualities. Be it mold, mildew, grease or any other stains, Clorox Clean-up is your best solution when it comes to stain removing agents.


Perfectly suited for houses with hardwood flooring, this particular type of sweeper will prove to be a great help when it comes to dry mopping on wood floors and other hard surfaces. While these sweepers come in a number of varieties, the ones with disposable pads are highly recommended as pick up a larger amount of grime, pet hair and dust as compared to a regular broom. This added efficiency makes sweeping hardwood floors far easier and also save a lot of your time. The head of these sweepers swivels which makes the process of sweeping the floors quicker than using traditional brooms. However, this swelling becomes a nuisance when it comes to cleaning sharp corners of rooms. While these sweepers are generally used for dry cleaning areas, you may also find these as wet mops as well.

Murphy’s Oil Soap

If you are looking for a product that is known for gentle removal of stains from surfaces around your house Murphy’s Oil Soap can be the best product to help solve your cleaning issues. It is known for its unmatched cleaning power and has been a popular choice of people for decades. Extremely effective to use over hard wooden surface, Murphy’s Oil Soap, removes dirt and stains from surfaces in a gentle manner. In addition to hard wooden surfaces, you will find it to be very efficient when it comes to various other surfaces around your house including no-wax floors and painted surfaces, Traditional Murphy’s Oil Soap is available in many forms including sprays and concentrate.

Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friend is one of the most effective house stain remover you will find when it comes to combating tough stains of varying nature around your house. This product is highly recommended for a number of household cleaning jobs. This is an inexpensive product which removes stains and spots in a relatively quicker time from a number of surfaces including chine, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, copper, fiberglass and porcelain. The best part about using Bar Keepers Friend is that it is safe to use it around kids, pets and food items. Other than hard tops and surfaces, you can also use this magical cleaning product to clean your sinks, pots and pans etc. It also works great for the removal of stubborn stains like rust.

Lysol Toilet Bowl

Are you looking for an effective toilet bowl cleaner? Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner comes with an efficient formula which has a thick consistency and results in a seamless cleaning above the waterline in your toilet bowl. Other than cleaning the stains and spots you will also find that its composition makes it efficient even when it comes to dissolving the mineral deposits, rust stains and other stubborn stains that occur very commonly in toilet bowls. Other then cleaning it also disinfects that toilet bowls making sure there are no harmful germs and microorganisms around.

The Works Tub and Shower Cleaner

Very effective to use around your shower and bathtub areas, this cleaner removes the toughest stains around your bathrooms. In addition to that, you will find that this magic cleaner also works against any mineral deposits and removes them with a slight contact requiring no scrubbing on your part. This efficient stain remover needs to be sprayed around the areas to be cleaned followed by wiping the surfaces off. This product is extremely cost effective and works best against tough stains and spots.

Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind vacuum

This household cleaning product is a great news for pet owners and for all the animal lovers out there, this special vacuum is a must have when it comes to effective cleaning of your house. This vacuum cleaner is designed to clear pet hair from surfaces and claims to be the best it comes to effectively clean your premises from pet hair of various natures. This vacuum cleaner is bag less and helps you when it comes to taking care of difficult-to-clean pet hair from your various furniture items. Owing to its amazing efficiency, it cleans sharp corners of your rooms effectively so you will not find any unwanted pet hair lying around. It comes with a special technology which traps and allows the dirt to pass through to the dirt cup while minimizing scatter. Get rid of flying and floating pet hair by bringing Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind Vacuum to your home.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

While you may be using the best products and solutions for cleaning the surfaces around your house, without an efficient sponge, none of those products work to their optimum efficiency. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the right sponges to use on the various surfaces around your house. These sponges can easily rub off the toughest of stains and spots from around your house with a single swipe. From greasy spots in your kitchen to the tough crayon marks in your children’s bedroom, there is nothing that these sponges cannot handle. From ceramic counter tops to stainless steel stove, you find Mr. Clean Magic Eraser working its best everywhere.

Milsek Furniture Polish

What is the best aspect of using Milsek Furniture Polish? It is the fact that it is an odorless product and does not leave behind any smell or waxy buildup, which is characteristic of other similar products. On the plus side, it provides furniture with a sophisticated sheen and is also equipped with a number of oils that help protect the wood. If you are looking for a product which cannot maintain the appearance of your furniture bur also protect it, you need to give Milsek Furniture Polish a chance. Milsek Furniture Polish ensures that your furniture looks like it has been professionally polished owing the high quality of this product.


Are you looking for the best cleaning product for the window glasses around your house? Windex is one of the best products that you will find in the market when it comes to spotless windows and other glass surfaces around your house. The toughest part when it comes to glass cleaning is to avoid streaking the surfaces as it give out an unkempt impression of your house. Welcome to world of streak free glass surfaces and windows by choosing Windex! Also equally efficient to use on materials like chrome, tile and stainless steel, you will be amazed by the efficiency of its cleaning when you start using Windex. Another fact that makes Windex one of the best window and glass surface cleaning products in the market is that it does not leave any residue behind on the glass surfaces, ensuring a spotless and sparkling finish.

The products and tools mentioned in this article are considered to be best in the market when it comes to ensuring a clean and healthy space in your house. These products not only clean the surfaces effectively, but they also disinfect the surfaces making sure that you and your family enjoys a healthy life by keeping gems and disease causing microorganism at bay. Maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle by incorporating these magical cleaning products in your daily cleaning practices. You will understand the differences in a couple of weeks.


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