Typical Chiropractic Fees and Services


It is the profession that deals with the diagnoses, treatment and also prevention of musculoskeletal system’s mechanical disorders. It is also concerned with the effects caused by these disorders on the functioning of nervous system and the overall health of the body.

Chiropractors are the professionals skilled in chiropractic skills. They use hands to manipulate the spine and some other alternative treatments. Chiropractic techniques mainly work on the principal that if the musculoskeletal structure of the body is aligned perfectly then the body will heal itself and it won’t need a surgery to cure any kind of damage.

The perfect alignment of spinal region is mainly concerned as it helps the body to heal quickly without medications. The mobility of the joints can be restricted due to some traumatic event which can include repetitive stress, falling on your back or sitting for long periods of time without proper back support. So the chiropractors use the techniques of chiropractic to restore the mobility of the joints.

Chiropractic is an alternative method used to relieve pain in joints, muscles, bones and connective tissues that include the ligament, tendons and cartilage. Sometimes the chiropractic is used in combination with the conventional medication to get the maximum result and enhance recovery rate. The chiropractors have four years of chiropractic education plus undergraduate degree and use DC as initials.

Chiropractic for Back Pain

The typical procedure includes the medical history, physical examination, lab tests and then treatment. The chiropractor will take the medical history of the patient and will study it in detail and then will perform medical examination of the patient. The chiropractor may also use some lab test and can also ask the patient to have diagnostic imagining done to have proper idea for correct diagnosis of illness so that the appropriate chiropractic treatment can commence.

One or more manual adjustment of the affected area may be required in the chiropractic treatment and the chiropractor will use a controlled and sudden force to manipulate the joints and thus enhancing the quality of the motion and improves the range. Many chiropractors also ask the patient to incorporate different exercise in their daily routine to help them recover faster they may even include the nutrition counselling as the certain nutritional elements are helpful in fast recovery. The chiropractor has one goal to restore the normal functionality of the joint and prevent the injury while providing back pain relief.

Typical Cost for services

The typical cost for an average chiropractic session for a general vertebrae adjustment is $65 however it may vary from patient to patient which depends on number of factors such if the patient is visiting for the first time or which state he is visiting in. The average fees for chiropractic treatment are high in southern areas of United States and may cost you up to $70 however in the Midwest they are the lowest only $60 per session. The fees are high for the new patients ranging from $61 to $161 because for the new patient there is overall health consultancy is required.

The chiropractors will the charge the patients fee ranging from $44 to $159 for the X-rays as the x-rays are sometimes necessary to properly diagnose the back pain similar is the case with MIR imaging which is really helpful for determining the real problem of back pain.

The chiropractors will charge an average fee of about $42 from the patient for a massage therapy session. The average fees may vary depending on the kind of chiropractic treatment such as in case if only one of the vertebrae is effected or more vertebrae need attention care and pressure massage. Many health insurance plans cover the medical expenses of chiropractic treatment. The ancient Chinese technique of inserting the needles in to the pressure points of the body to manipulate its energy is called Acupuncture and the Acupuncturists charge and initial fee of about $100 to $150 which also includes the consultancy however the charges $65 on average for revisiting.


The chiropractic care is considered safe and effective method to treat the pain in the back area. The spinal manipulation helps in the relief of the acute back pain. The acute back pain occurs when the patient gets a sudden injury when can happen because of several reason such as if the patient has lifted a heavy furniture he might suffer from acute back pain. Similarly, if the patient got tackled and it stressed the joint area of the spine then he will also suffer from the acute back pain. The acute pain goes away on its own in six weeks’ time and it gets better and better but if the back pain is a hurdle in carrying out routine chores then the patient can get the chiropractic treatment because it will help the patient to recover quickly and live his life free from pain and carry out his daily chores. Chiropractic treatment is very effective in the case of treating acute back pain.

Researchers have found that the chiropractic treatment also helps in the treatment of neck pain and also the headaches. Not only that the chiropractic techniques are very helpful in the treatment of Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis as they respond when the practitioners and the chiropractors use the moderate pressure during the deep tissue massage.

However, the chiropractic techniques used to treat the chronic back pain are not proven effective so far. Researcher are still researching the effectiveness of these techniques so that the patients with chronic back pain can get benefit from these methods and get relief from their chronic back pain. The chronic pain is that type of back pain that may come suddenly but can also come gradually and the patient would have suffered from it for more than three months. If the patient does not consult the doctor for it, then it will stay there and might even get worse with the passage of time unlike acute back pain which gets better with the passage of time. The people who suffered from the acute back pain consult the chiropractors and the therapy they get involves the anesthetic or the sugar water injection in back in a hope that it will strengthen the ligaments of the back. However, the research is still being carried out to find out how much helpful is this method and if there are any side effects caused by this technique.


The patients who are suffering from the spinal cord compression, osteoporosis or inflammatory arthritis or the patients who take medications which are used for blood thinning should not undergo this chiropractic spinal manipulation. Similarly, the patients with medical record of cancer should consult their own doctor before undergoing any sort of chiropractic treatment.

The effectiveness of the chiropractic treatment relies on the accurate diagnosis of the back pain and it is only possible when the chiropractor is well informed about everything about patient like his medical history, any ongoing condition or medications and lifestyle. There have been cases where even the very effective chiropractic treatment has made the case worse and increased the back pain instead of radiating it.

In some cases, it has caused a slipped disc or made the herniated disc worse. In other cases, an injury to the spinal cord was caused due to this treatment. But this all happened when the chiropractor was not informed about detail concerning the patient medical condition which led to the poor diagnosis of the back pain and thus failed results. Therefore, it is recommended that you should consult with your medical specialist always to make sure if your medical condition will be benefited from chiropractic treatment.


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