What Are Architectural Roof Shingles?

Traditionally roof shingles are made of a heavy and strong ceramic coated granular base and fiber-glass foundation which sits on a foundation of asphalt which provides it with strength. The asphalt used was water-resistant which further enhanced the durability of the roof shingles. More recently however, a new product has taken the roof shingle market by storm; it is called synthetic slate and is being used in more and more new buildings being constructed.

With an increased use of synthetic slate, architects today create a dramatic looking appearance which is made possible by the efficient functionality of synthetic slate which has revolutionized the industry. Owing to these advancements, a new name has been given to this new product – architectural roof shingles. They also come by the name of dimensional or laminated roof shingles and are among some of the top notch quality products ever made in the roofing industry.

So, if you are looking for some high quality and durable roofing material you choice now is not limited to the old fashioned asphalt and ceramic option; you can now choose the new architectural roof shingles for not only a durable finish but also a contemporary look to your residential building. Architectural roof shingles provide you with a range of limitless options when it comes to styling the roof and the colors to choose from. With this synthetic product, you can achieve any look for instance clay tile, cedar, slate and many other naturally existing materials.

Architectural roof shingles are affordable

Compared with naturally occurring roofing materials you will find that architectural roof shingles are more cost effective. Combined with their unmatched functionality, they will help you in achieving any look no matter how dynamic it may seem easily. Choosing architectural roof shingles will not only save a little extra cost, but can also create a diverse look that will make your residential building stand out among the rest in your block.

Knowing more about architectural roof shingles will make it easier for you to understand about their functionality and use in residential properties. This article will guide you through a detail analysis about them so you can make a better decision.

What are architectural roof shingles composed of?

Since architectural roof shingles are used to give buildings a contemporary look, it is important that they are made of materials which can be molded in a number of ways to enhance their functionality. Their main component is a heavy base of asphalt or fiberglass and a couple of layers of only these materials as they complement their lamination. When the base layer is done, the roof is later covered by granules, mostly minerals, so it can achieve the desired look. All of these factors combine to enhance the visual affect of the roof, giving your house the edgy modern look.

Varieties of architecture roof shingles

The modern architecture roof shingles come in a range a varieties so you will not have any problem with limited options as is the case with using naturally occurring materials. Mostly architectural roof shingles are made by synthetic slate which easily mimics the look, texture and dimensions of the original slate. In some cases synthetic wooden shakes are used as an alternative other wooden options like cedar etc. In addition to textures you also have a wide range of colors to choose from if you opt for architectural roof shingles; this is another aspect which has made them a hit in the roofing industry.

How to buy architectural roof shingles?

Since architectural roof shingles have just made an entry in the roofing industry, it is important that home owners take care of a certain aspects jumping on to bandwagon; this section will help you with buying these modern roof shingles:

• It is better that you compare a few brands before finally deciding on one.

• While comparing the brands, focus on the warranties offered by them so you can understand which one suit you best when it comes to quality and prices.

• Compare the industry-standards and recommendations by authorities to ensure that the product that you are getting is of the best quality and comes with a guarantee.

• Look for a UL logo and the label; it means that the brands has ASTM 3462 certification and is reliable and you can trust the manufacturer.

• Consider the weather conditions of your area to choose the right materials and textures; while architectural roof shingles are weather resistant, it is always good to be extra careful when it comes to residential buildings.

• Also, ask around other home owners who have used these architectural roof shingles for opinions and recommendations; word of mouth will help you gain that extra bit of confidence that you need to try this modern advancement.

Installation advice on architectural roof shingles

After you have chosen the right materials and textures for your architectural roof shingles, you need to give installing them a great deal of thought. This section will guide you on the aspects you need to consider before you get the shingles installed. Have a look:

• Make sure that you use a thick layer of felt paper underneath your architectural roof shingles to ensure more protection

• Also use high quality flashings as a protective measure

• Before you get your architectural roof shingles installed, it is highly critical that you consider the local weather and the severity of rains and winds that are experienced by your area.

Architectural roof shingles are used to add an edgy look to your roof; since they prove to be easier than regular roof shingles when it comes to cutting and styling them, they have become the top choice of many home owners. However, taking care of the above mentioned precautionary measures will add considerable safety to your stylish new roof. Also, you need to ask your installer to guide you with all these aspects and you need to demand the right answers before they begin working on installing these new roof shingles.

What are the advantages of getting architectural roof shingles installed?

The following section will discuss the advantages of getting architectural roof shingles installed, as compared to the regular roof shingles. Since this a modern trend which has hit the roofing industry it is better that home owners know what they in for before they choose to get these architectural roof shingles installed on their roofs. Have a look at the range of advantages that you will experience with this modern trend:

For warmer climates

If you are from an area which has a long summer, these architectural roof shingles can be your best option as they are well suited for hotter climatic areas. Since they come in a wide range of varieties, you can easily find the ones which offer more insulation and greater light deflection as compared to the regular roof shingles.

To prevent the growth of microorganisms

If you have a problem with having your house infested with microorganisms on a regular basis, architectural roof shingles can be your best solution as they come in varieties which prevent the growth of many of these organisms including algae and mold. A number of manufacturers coat their roof shingles with a layer of granules made primarily of zinc which helps to control the problem with algae and mold.

Weather resistant

In contrast with regular roof shingles, architectural roof shingles are light weight and designed to be weather resistant. They are thicker as compared to the regular alternative so tend to last longer; some manufacturers also deal in architectural roof shingles that are wind and fire resistant. If you belong from a region with a lot of snow fall, you can get an option with a steep slop so snow can fall of easily without damaging your roof.


Architectural roof shingles come with warranties of between 30 to 50 years, so any wear and tear will be fully covered by the manufacturer which is an added plus.

Architectural roof shingles for dramatic look

These modern roof shingles have been designed to take particular care of the aesthetics of your residential building; so if you have become bored by your basic roof now is the time to consider changing it s look. These modern roof shingles have been designed to take care of the modern, edgy sense of style.

Mimics natural materials

The best part of choosing architectural roof shingles is that they mimic the look and texture of all the natural materials that are basically used to design roof shingles as they are easier to cut, install and can even be walked over. This way your house roof can achieve its contemporary look and still look like that you have used the original materials.

This modern advancement in the roofing industry has become a new hit and more and more home owners are choosing is over the conventional roofing techniques. So whether you are looking for durability or that new edgy look, architectural roof shingles are your solution to all your modern roofing issues.


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