What Documents Do You Need at Hotel Check‐In?

When you finally arrive at a hotel with hands full of luggage you find yourself stuck in a major situation of checking in and booking rooms for a set period of time. Checking into a hotel is never easy especially when you have to stay at a well established or luxurious hotel because they demand a lot of documents before you can stay in there. Although, it is recommended to book rooms before you arrive at that hotel as you can pay them and assure your identification online, so some of your check-in requirements are provided before hand and the process is simplified for later. Every hotel has a different set of rules when it comes to processing your documents for assurance of your stay and for security reasons so you should confirm all about the documents so that you can get them in order for submission.

Here is a list of essential documents that will be required at a hotel check-in which you can familiarize yourself with, so that once you leave for a trip to another country you don’t have to end up at some cheap local hotel and you can spend your time easily. However, each country has a different set of rules and regulations so take your documentation accordingly.

Identification documents

After you settle for a hotel the first thing you have to submit on the hotel reception is some form of identification which guarantees that you are eighteen years of age and you are traveling legally to the present destination. They will ask for your passport, driver’s license or a state ID card. Hotels need proper identification because of a few reasons. Firstly, it helps them identify any fraudulent act of credit card theft. Once they know your identity they can ensure that the reservation is made through the right individual. Secondly, this will help the other guests residing in the hotel to stay safe in the premises. Submitting an ID before the check-in will prevent criminals or strangers to enter the property of the hotel. Moreover, if a mishap takes place or a close associate calls for something important the identification papers can help in some kind of recognition.

Credit Card

People usually pay for hotel rooms through credit cards and nowadays they have started making reservation online to avoid the hassle of finding hotels right when you arrive. Companies that have their delegates arriving at a hotel will also pay through some other form of monetary terms because they also need to have some kind of confirmation of the payment. It is considered as an additional security measure and this method of payment is being adopted by a lot of hotels. The hotel will keep you credit card on file for any charges that you might adhere during the stay which has to be paid accordingly.

Discount Coupons

Many hotels offer loyalty programs or discount offers for both new and old clients, this is why they are provided with vouchers that are needed to be submitted to the hotel so that they can be processed and availed.

Reservation papers

If you book through a travel agent or some other travel service, the reservation made has to have a hard copy of the confirmation statement that has details about your stay at that hotel. It is often in the form of a print out document that is emailed to you.

Documents for unaccompanied minors

If you have kids traveling independently and they are under the age of eighteen, the hotel will ask for the passport of the child, photocopies of the identity documents of the parents and a written authorization statement that declares their permission for the stay.

Copy of your tickets

Sometime you don’t have to present your e-tickets or any kind of travel documentation to re-confirm a booking otherwise the hotel might ask for either a copy of your tickets or a printed form to confirm the number of days you might want to stay there.


This requirement is not valid for a lot of countries because people are entering the state with different visas this is why a check on each one them is unnecessary as they already are checked at the airport but there still are countries like Russia that have hotels which will ask you about your vise considering from which country you belong to.

Permanent Resident Card

If you are a resident of another state and you want to stay at a hotel across borders they will ask you to provide your resident card to them so that they can authenticate your whereabouts if there is need.

CITES permit (pet passport)

If you travel with an exotic pet or you are accompanied by an animal, your country will release a set of papers that permit you to take them between different countries. The hotel can ask for that permit if you will have your pet stay along with you. It will be to assure that the pet is not traded illegally in any way.

Certificate of non-impediment to marriage abroad

If you have planned to have a wedding at a certain hotel that is not in a foreign country, not only you the hotel management itself can get stuck in legal issues concerning the marriage. Before you reserve a banquet hall or rooms for the event you have to submit a Statement in Lieu of Certification of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad signed from the embassy.

Birth Certificate

If you are not carrying some form of identification or there has been a situation in which your passport or ID card was stolen the hotel will still need assurance of your recognition this is why they might ask you to submit your birth certificate. You should carry your birth certificate with you because it is often required at various places in a foreign country especially in legal issues.

Medical certificate

If you or associate who is traveling with you is suffering from a health condition that needs special attention or can be fatal, make sure you has address it to the hotel before you check-in. So that proper arrangements can be made for your stay. To authenticate your medical condition they will ask you to present a statement certified from WHO that should be from your doctor or any health specialist that explains your illness.

Keep in mind that whatever documents you are preparing to take with you should be valid and renewed if they have been expired. If you provide the hotel with old documents this might be called in as a fraud this is why be careful with what you use to check-in. Make sure you have made copies of each of the document in case you miss one of them. Place them somewhere safe so that when you arrive at the hotel you have everything assembled, this way you won’t have to search through your luggage for each and every document. You should also provide them with an emergency contact which can be used in any kind of crisis. Once you submit these documents to them there will be an added advantage to this process. If you find yourselves in a situation where you need to verify about your stay in that state the hotel management can be contacted to help you out.


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