What Is A Puppy Cut?

Ever seen those adorable, to-die-for puppies with their neat and trimmed hair? While there are a number of fancy ways in which you can your puppy’s hair styled according to their breed, these haircuts prove hard to maintain and require a lot of effort to keep up with. If you fail to take good care of them, your puppy can start to look unkempt; so the best option that you have is to go for a neat and proper puppy cut is very easy to maintain, meaning that your pet will always look their best.

This article will discuss the details about puppy cut so if you choose go for it you will be making an informed decision equipped with all the details about it.

What exactly is a puppy cut?

While there are a number of hair styles which puppy owners prefer according to the specific breed of their pet, these haircuts prove to be a lot hassle and need to be trimmed regularly. A puppy cut on the other hand is a style which is not breed specific so it can be given to any puppy and still make them look nice. This hair style involves all the hair to be cut in an equal length fashion, where the length varies with the choice of the puppy owner. This hair cut is also known as kennel cut, as it is given to small puppies in kennels because it is easier to maintain than any other fancy cut.

Why to go for a puppy cut instead of a fancy breed-specific style?

The most significant advantage of getting a puppy cut for your lovely pet is to decrease the number of times it has to go and get those hair trimmed according to the specific style they have been cut in. While a number of pets enjoy these grooming sessions, majority of the puppies do not. These sessions also require shampooing, shaving, maintaining the long hair, trimming pom-poms etc. which your pet may not enjoy as much as you think they do. By opting for a simple and neat puppy cut, you are actually making sure that your pet requires lesser grooming sessions and still looks nice and trim all the time. Puppy cuts are very suitable for those pets in particular who do not like the grooming sessions; it will make life very easy for your dog as well as yourself.

How to go about getting your pet a puppy cut?

The best way is to approach a professional puppy groomer and ask them exactly what you are looking for. They will not only guide you about the basics of a puppy cut but will also give you other suggestions according to the breed of your puppy and what will look best on it. You must be aware that a puppy cut means that your dog will have equal length hair or fur on their body, legs, face, tail and top of the head, however you can discuss any alterations with the groomer and seek professional advice. It is particularly advisable for small puppies to get a puppy cut as it will mean that your pet looks groomed with less effort on your part which will make life easier for the both of you; you can save those fancy styles for when they are older and used to grooming sessions and being handled by other humans.

Also, if your puppy is from one of those breeds which have particularly long hair, it is better to maintain a puppy cut even when they are older because they are more prone to getting tangles and mats in their hair. This only gives them an unkempt look but also makes them more susceptible to diseases and other health issues. If you have a very hectic work and social life schedule you may also prefer giving your pet this easy to care, wash and wear look and avoid those extra grooming sessions.

Some super cute style options for your puppy

This section will give a number a style options that are not only easy to maintain but will also make your puppy look cute and cuddly which is exactly the look that you are aiming for. Have a look and ask your puppy’s groomer for and specific advice:

The traditional puppy cut

For the traditional puppy cut the groomer will trim the hair or fur of your puppy to a 2 inch length or even less if you ask them for it. Owing to this short length, you will find the taking care of their hair at home becomes very easy and the grooming between two sessions with the groomer will take less time and effort on your part. If you want this length to be lightly longer or shorter than average, you will have to specifically mention it to your puppy’s groomer. This traditional puppy cut is also known as the kennel cut as it is mostly given to dogs in kennels because of its easy maintenance.

The teddy bear trim

Teddy bear trim is the cutest of all the puppy cuts; for a teddy bear trim your groomer will trim the fur or hair on the body of your puppy to a length which can be as short as you want however the fur on the legs and face of your puppy with be kept round and full. This cut will require a little more maintenance than the traditional puppy cut but still less when you compare it with other fancy and breed specific hair styles. You will be required to take your puppy to the groomer every 6 to 8 weeks at an average.

The summer cut

This is particularly good and wearable haircut for dogs that have a very heavy fur which becomes difficult for them to carry during the summer months. With this cut a lot of weight from their bodies will be removed which is a welcome change during the stuffy summers. Hair and fur all over the body of your puppy will be trimmed really short with an exception of their head and ears. The best part about getting this style is that you can get a fancy head cut and keep the body hair short to give your puppy a unique look which will make it stand out.

The lamb trim

Lamb trim is the perfect look for your puppy during those hot and stuffy summer months. It is very similar to the teddy bear trim but with a slight difference; the fur on the legs and face is trimmed slightly shorter than that of the teddy bear trim whereas the body fur is kept as short as you want it to be. The best part about this haircut is that it requires minimal maintenance and is best suited for dog owners who have bust schedules or dogs that do not prefer fancy cuts. Its maintenance schedule is same as that of the teddy bear trim – every 6 to 8 weeks.

Some tips for puppy owners

Getting a hair cut for puppy is not just about how they look in it but it is also important so they can have a very healthy lifestyle. Long and difficult to manage hairdos may also lead to tangles and mats in the puppy fur. While it starts to look unkempt, it can lead to further health issues which may cause significant discomfort to your puppy. This section includes a number of tips which can come in handy and help you to take care of the health of your dog.

Brush regularly – Make sure that you brush your puppies regularly even if they have a cropped hair cut; it will prevent any hairballs from developing which cause them pain.

For eyes and ears – If you see any redness or signs of irritation in the eyes or ears of your consult your veterinarian immediately and seek their advice; the eyes of your puppy have to be moist and shiny when healthy. Regularly flip the ears of your puppies and make sure that there is no redness or signs of inflammation. They should also not smell when they are healthy. You can use puppy friendly wipes and liquids to take care of these issues at home.

Grooming their nails – Irregular nail trimming can cause significant pain to your puppy as they tend to develop sore pads on the inner paw. For trimming their nails in a painless manner make sure that you trim them in slivers and do not rush with the process. However, it is always advisable that you leave this task to your groomer as failure to do so properly can cause pain to your puppy.

Brushing their teeth – While expert suggest that you should go for brushing your puppies teeth on a daily basis, however if you find it difficult to manage you must absolutely do it once or twice a week. Pick up special toothpaste and toothbrushes for your puppy and introduce them to toothpaste first, followed by toothbrush.

The above mentioned tips are for the overall grooming of your puppy and will enhance their looks and health in addition to taking proper care of their hair and fur.


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