What is Hotel Corporate Rate?

If you are frequent business traveler and need to travel around the country or even internationally, you must always be looking for hotels with more economical rates and comfortable ambiance. If you are constantly looking for hotel rates with the best prices you can avail the corporate rates that most hotels offer to their corporate clients. These rates, as compared to general room rates tend to be more cost effective and are offered on selected rooms in most hotels. Hotel managements everywhere either discuss these special rates with the companies or they may also discuss them directly with the individual travelers.

Why do hotels have Corporate Rate Program?

A number of hotels around the world have special offers with cost effective corporate rates as it gets them a chance to reach out to business travelers into their particular hotel. While business travelers find lesser rates when they are on the go, hotel management on the other hand gets a five-star feedback by them on the services they provide in competent rates. Since the traveler is very likely to spread a good word about the hotel, this strategy helps the management of the hotel to have a steady business. While a business traveler who has had a good experience with a hotel is more likely to come back again, he may also recommend it to other colleagues; this will make the hotel that offers corporate rates get more business.

How can you avail these discounted rates?

The simplest way to get a discounted rate is to request for them; more often than not these requests are granted without any sort of problem coming up. Since a lot business which involve considerable traveling have their rates already negotiated with the hotels that work with them. If you are staying in a hotel that already works with your company you need to show your identification and you will be charged for the rates that have been negotiated by your company. Even you do not work for an organization that has negotiated special rates with the hotel but you may look like a regular traveler, the hotel is most likely to give you a room on special rates as it increases their chances of getting more business.

Even if you are on a family vacation and not on a particular business trip, you may get a discounted corporate rate if you have your company ID card at hand. Since hotels generally run on very serious business ethics they honor the rates in all sorts of cases and this practice is carried out all over the world.

What to consider when booking a room in a hotel

While it does not matter as hotels consider requests for discounted rates in most cases, you can still be careful and check for all the options on the websites while going through the process of online booking. If the hotel website does not show a discount offer, you can ask a responsible person when you reach the hotel; chances are that your request will be granted. Hotels readily act on upgrade options and discounts if it can lead to them getting more business opportunities from you and your company in future.

An employee who is responsible of taking care of upgrades and discounts has a privilege and he can handle your request efficiently. In case you are booking a room over the phone, it is recommended that you call a direct line instead of the UAN and ask to speak to a relevant employee. If you call the toll free number, the operator who answers may not have enough authority; talking on the direct line will save you a lot of hassle upon reaching the hotel.

Other alternatives to get a discounted rate

While requesting a corporate rate is one way of getting a discounted rate, there are many other alternative ways of getting a cost effective stay at a good hotel too. Following are some of the ways you can consider:

• There may be a promotional offer going on which you can avail to get affordable space at the hotel

• The hotel you want to stay at may be celebrating a special event, like their anniversary, and you may get a discount because of that

• AAA membership cards can also get you considerable discounts.

The following tips by some of the experts will help you getting good discount offers at many hotels around the world:

Be flexible while negotiating discounted rates

It is important to keep in mind before you sit on the table to discuss discount options with the management of the hotel of your choice; hotels are generally ready to help come up with the solution to your request. Many companies with frequent traveling employees discuss fixed rates with the hotels they are required to stay in most often and this way come to terms with each other on rates that suit both parties.

Another alternative is to arrive at an understanding according to the demand and supply of the rooms, business and the season. There can be a lot more customized options if you sit with management of the hotel that you are interested to do business with.

Getting in touch with the hotel personally

Since technology too over, all of such discussions about negotiated rates are carried out over the internet via e-mails. However, there was something about the old fashioned ways that made it work out better. If you have a company that involves a lot of travel, it is highly recommended that you meet the management of the hotel you have your eyes on, this will make things friendlier and help build a stronger relationship between the hotel management and the your business firm. Since businesses are involved on both sides it is better to come on common grounds that are beneficial for both sides of the contract; any clashes between the negotiators can only lead to wasting time and developing unhealthy relationships.

Maintain a balanced approach

Since such discussions can become difficult to manage if any one of the parties become inflexible; while hotel managers are less likely to come to a discussion table with inflexible demands owing to the nature of their business, the business firm that needs discounted rates should also shoe a little consideration and try and resolve the matter without making the relationship sour.

Rates and style of negotiation changes with the region

It is very important to consider the region where the hotel you are interested in is based. Hotels set their rates because of a number of reasons including the area it is in, the type of guests it attracts and the time of the year. Since all of these vary with each hotel or a chain of hotels, it is important that you remember these aspects when you come to the discussion table. While hotels generally make as many discounts and offers, they are still there to carry out steady business. Firms can requests rates that are workable with the hotels so this whole process can work out for the better in the end.

Value for your money

It is more important that you ask for value for your money instead of simply requesting discounted rates. If your firm employees are required to travel frequently to an area, their stay in particular hotel should be as comfortable as possible. While you may be discussing discounted corporate rates, the hotel management can be more focused in helping you get a better value for your money. Keep the discussion channels open to work out a solution for both parties.


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